July 15th - August 10th....Europe in general..Where do I go?

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Basically, Myself and two friends are backpacking around Europe, starting in Germany for the Berlin love parade then going wherever...We'd appreciate any advice you could offer on things to do and places to see..Any info would do..thanks

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do you have an idea how long you are travelling for?
you can either head south then west and back up in a loop taking in Czech Republic (Prague and Cesky Krumlov are essential stops) then down through Austria (Vienna and the Tirol region) to Italy (all of it), loop that and then back along the med coast to Spain, Barcelona rocks every night of the week in the warmer months, San Sebastian is a total backpacker destination and then maybe back up through Paris to Amsterdam.
you could comfortably take all that in in 8-9 weeks, rushing would take 4-5. It would take longer if you do Greece as well, those islands are addictive!
the love parade is a great place to start!

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I will be there too... But I think I will arrive before the Love parade and stay on the 10th of July for the Final game of the World Cup of Soccer. AHAHHA too many events in the same week,

an other crazy summer comming guys...

Life is good

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i would agree that if you could get to Berlin for the world cup that would be a brilliant atmosphere!
as for places to visit in Europe you could go to Vienna (that'll take at least 4 days) and the tirol region which is simply beautiful. You shoud also consider Budapest, and amazing city with lots to offer like the Turkish baths. Although its expensive, Switzerland is well worth it, especially Grindlewald or Lauterbrunen, doesnt matter which because of the fabulous public transport and you can get a pass which lets you use all the lifts except the one up to the Schiltorn (On Her Majesty's Secret Service was filmed there)You can also take a train through the Eiger to the Jungfraujoch - Highest train station in europe, if not the world, over 11,000ft. Ild recommend the campsite in Grindlewald though.
Prague is an obvious place, lovely too. but you cant ignore Ljubljana in Slovenia and Lake Bled or Bohinj. Bled is a beautiful place.
Another place i would highly recommend would be Krakow in Poland (and Zakopane in southern Poland, if you like walking in the mountains) But Krakow is a very nice city (Salt mines are well worth a visit, but the castle was a bit of a bore and from there you can visit Auschwitz, which no one should pass without visiting.
Two books i would highly recommend would be:-
Lonely Planet - Western Europe
Lonely Planet - Eastern Europe

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Hmm, another option would be to go north...

From Berlin hit either Ruegen and Stralsund or Rostock.

From Ruegen and Rostock is easy to go by ferry to Sweden, Denmark, Russia and the Baltic states.


Trains can also take you fairly easy to the Baltic states. Drinks there are the cheapest in Europe, and the party is great. You could go through Poland and the Czech Republic to Ukraine, up to Moscow and St. Petersburg and than back down along the coast of the Baltic Sea. This will be a much cheaper tour than the more classic route pluscrew described. Just get your Russian visa sorted in Berlin as soon as you arrive.

Yet another great trip would be to get a one-way flight to Tunisia from Germany. After a few days in this country take the ferry to Sicily and go on to Italy, Switzerland, Austria and either Hungary or Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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hey you might also want to check out a shoestring guide to Europe. I know Lonely Planet do a good one. Would be worth the investment