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I am hoping someone might be able to help me.

I am going to Argentina in Jan 07, as part of my round the world trip and I looking for some info re the distance between stops.

I am intending to leave from BA and travel to Reserva Faunistica Peninsula Valdes then on to Ushuaia and then carry on from there.

My plan is to get the bus, but I'm not sure if this will be an extremely long time on the bus between stops. Does anyone know and has anyone travelled this route on the bus, if so any tips re stocking up on food etc.

Hope someone can help.


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Caroline: i have answered your request 5 `ago but reading this one i add sth i consider important.

if you include Ushuaia in your itinerary
i would go to the glacier and not to ushuaia, first
i think the glaciers will give you more.
i would take the plane to go to Ushuaia or the glaciers in Calafate adn spend u$s 100. one way
No bus is good there. Toooo lonnnng
economize on the accommodation
see my other message.


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I'd stick to your original plan, esp. since helper's alternative is not very environmentally responsible; minimize your flying.

The stretch from Valdéz to Ushuaia one rather boring busride, but the destination is worth it. Excellent nature on tierra del fuego, I found it much more interesting than Calafate. Don't bother about the long travel time, since you most likely will have to change busses anyway, which cuts the monotony. The only disadvantage about Ushuaia is that you will have to backtrack quite a stretch when you return (to Rio Gallegos if you want to go to Calafate, too, or to Comodoro if you want to go to Bariloche afterwards).

have fun, cheers,
Niels (Amsterdam)

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Thanks very much for your suggestions, it gives me something to go on.

Maybe speak to you again,


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I´ve travelled a fair bit in Argentina by bus. Don´t worry too much about the distances. For me, Argentina has the best quality coaches in South America. Most are what they call semi-cama which have loads of leg room and recline enough to sleep.

I travelled from Esquel to Ushuaia which is about the same distance as what you´re planning. I did overnight from Esquel to Comodoro Rivadavia (8 hours), then changed buses to get to Rio Gallegos (8 hours or so), I stayed the night there and then it was about another 8 hours to Ushuaia by day. Yeah, that´s a long trip but it went quickly as I met other travellers. Otherwise just take a good book!

I´m from the UK but currently living in Ushuaia (which has a lot more to do than Calefate) so if you need info relative to here ask away.

hope this helps!



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Dont take me wrong
I lived in Rio Gallegos for 3 long years. I lived in Ushuaia for 1 year. I know what the area and the city are like though i loved Ushuaia, I dont find it gives a lot new to European people.

Very nice places,yes, beautiful landscape,sure
But,Argentina has them in many areas.
Tourists want to see things which probably dont find near. It is a question of time and also money.

You have Martial glacier on the island of Tierra del Fuego but there is only one Perito Moreno and it is in Calafate.

It is nice to break the trip by bus, it makes it more pleasant, interesting and gives you the possibility to visit other places.
it is fantastic.

in your case, i would have taken south
Esquel,Los Antiguos, Cave of the Hands, Chalten, Calafate(route 40),Rio Gallegos and then Ushuaia. It would have been far more interesting. You dont see prehistoric paintings very often.

Anyway if you recommend it, is because you enjoyed riding on buses. I love buses too because of the money you save and also the time if you take night buses. but
i would gladly pay u$s 100 to avoid 3 days on them. This is the only area in Argentina, i dont recommend buses. In all the rest, buses are a very good option.

BTW, whereabout in Ushuaia do you live? and what do you do there?
which hostel are you staying in.?Tango Hostel???

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Hi C,

I think you have received excellent answers I really have nothing more to ad, only that I think that the trip you're planning from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia will be really outstanding, even the boring parts.

I did it myself back in the old days aboard a VW van, just like those hippies looking ones...
While the distance is long, Buses do stop for meals -or you can get all included tickets-. The whole trip takes I guess around 2- 3 days from Buenos Aires, but if you make a stop at Peninsula Valdes like you mention that will be good, then overnight trips will be a good option... You of course can carry on food -snacks for your pleasure...