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Just wondering - what do you travellers tend to do about receiving mail? I've heard you can get a PO Box address. Is this right?



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Thats right, depending on where you are, you can just go to the local post office and you can rent post boxes.
I did this in Canada and is was relatively cheap and such a good way for for family and friends to sent you gifts!!!

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A Post Office Box (PO Box) is only good if you are staying in one place for a period of time.
If you are going to be on the go then you will need to have mail sent to a hotel/house/hostel you know you will be staying at in the near future.
Can't say I've realy had the need for mail while I've been travelling, email's always been good enough.

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It's impossible to get a P.O. Box in Australia as a traveller. The Post Office workers and regulations are too boneheadedly strict about needing a residential address in australia when signing up for one (and I've tried asking in half a dozen post offices, but they all were unbending). *grumbles*
In lots of other countries it's definitely possible (I know for a fact you can get one in the Netherlands with an overseas address, as long as you have a dutch bank account), but in Australia you'll have to go either the "poste restante" route (collect it from the post office), or have it sent to a hostel where you'll know you'll be for a while.

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Or organise mail holding/forwarding with one of a number of backpacker organisations in Australia that do this. I used Travellers Contact Point for this, their main office is in Sydney with satellite offices in various cities across the country. They also have an office in London (UK), and in New Zealand. They're on the web.