Is Russia Asia or Europe?

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Hello all! When I visit to any forum I begin to seek topic about Russia in two different areas: Travel to Europe and travel to Asia. In Russia we tell about two parts: European part of Russia and Asian part - Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, Altai, Far East. There is long long talking about Russia between philosophers: what is Russia. And nobody knows. There are two everlasting Russian questions: what to do? and who is to blame? And there is the third question, more serious than previous two: who are we: Europeans or Asiatic? Maybe it is better to establish new area at the forum - Russia? Or share talkings about Russia: if people talk about Moscow and St.Petersburgh - Europe area, If they talk about Sibera, lake Baikal, towns Tomsk, Irkutsk and adventures in Kamchatka or Siberian taiga - Asia area. :) Bye all.

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I thought that European Russia ended just before you get to Yekaterinburg

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According to our destinations page, it's in Europe, but yes, there could be some serious discussion about it :) We've decided against splitting up the forums further as it means a lot of double posting and most likely half empty forums. The latest posts that are specifically about Russia can always be found on the Russia page by the way.