is it easy to afford rent and food on a low wage in sydney?

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heading to Sydney by way of Hong Kong in 3 weeks time and plan to stay for 8-9 months. Ive been looking at rentals in Sydney and from what i can see they are all unfurnished but seem really expensive. I am not sure what the minimum wage is in Aus but if anyone has done it before, where did you rent and was it easy to afford it? i have £3,000 tucked away but need it for the U.S.A.


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the minimum wage in oz is $12.30 an hour, or about $470 for a full weeks work. of course this is before you are taxed.

if you are looking for your own place almost all flats in sydney are unfurnished. but if you wanna go into share accommodation then you will be able to find some great furnished places for about $100-150 a week. Have a look here:

You can probably find backpacker share houses for less than this, which will be advertised in hostels.

As for where to stay, well i reckon Bondi is always a good bet. Got a good beach (if a little busy) its not too far from the city (30 mins) and there's a lot people there out for a good time. depends what your into.

hope you enjoy your trip

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I agree with Nially, low wages and sydney do not mix. Infact, as an aussie local, if we are moved to sydney for work we generally demand higher salaries to compensate for the increased cost of living. Example: My other half manages computer programmers for the Australian Government, they are based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane all at the same ranking, the melbourne people get $75,000 pa, brisbane $68,000 pa and Sydney $83,000. That same person would be offered less than $62,000 if they were based in regional australia

If you have your mind set on Sydney - share houses are the way to go. Alternately you can go fruit picking on farms in rural australia save your cash and then head to sydney to live large for a few months. Or live in Melbourne or Brisbane where the cost of living is less but still have access to most of what Sydney has to offer.