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1. Posted by hirnic (Budding Member 3 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Going into Herat over the Iranian border. Across to Mazar-i-sharif then down to Kabul, then through the Kyber pass across Pakistan to New Dehli.

Been doing a fair bit of research, there is an element of risk involved, but the route is about as safe as it gets, and there are plenty of precautions that can be taken - tour guides are supposed to be cheap, helpful, flexible etc etc (and very advisable).

Would be good to have someone else come too. Once in a lifetime chance before it becomes too safe and the first McDonalds opens.

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If you do backpack Afghanistan and/or find someone to accompany you, could you please post your full name, home address, age and a photo in TP before you cross the border into Bandit country.
I'd like to nominate you for a Darwin award if you end up headless at the side of some dirt road in Helmand or NW Pakistan.
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and his Merry Men are loose somewhere in the area. GBH is the only known serving (at the time) Prime Minister of any country who has shelled his own capital (Kabul), destroying about 70% of the city and killing more than an estimated 50,000 civilians. Not the kind of guy you would take home to mother.
The Taliban (the Khymer Rouge was to Communism as the Taliban are to Islam) murder their fellow citizens with great enthusiasm.
American, British, French and Australian special forces get around the country swathed in body armour, understandably so.
I don't think having an Aussie passport and a nice attitude will cut the mustard with religious/cultural mass-murderers.
If you get kidnapped, you are on your OWN!!!
I don't want to see you on TV dressed in an orange jumpsuit begging the coalition forces to leave Afghanistan to save your sorry hide.

P.S. No lap-dancing, you little burqa.

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Jonathan Miller, US Army, currently deployed to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom 7....

That being said, i'd love to accompany you at a later date, however, i cannot any time soon and certainly not in october as i will still be here with my unit. maybe later down the road if you are interested though. let us stay in touch.