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Hi All,

I have 18days in August where i can travel. I have won a trip with a tour company and I need to decide on where i shopuld go any poeple who have been to either Cuba or South Africa can you please help me!!!

I need some answers!!
I cant decide and I only have 2 weeks to make a decision.

Thanks in advance for all your help

2. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Both would be excellent destinations. Is there iternaries associated with these trips? Perhaps you could post them, plus some words about what things you like to do and what you are hoping to get out of this trip so we can better assist you.

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Wow....both are great destinations!!!

Cuba is ideal if you like the tropical climate, and experience abit of salsa dancing, culture and its people. Its the largest Island in the carribean.
South Africa, i personally want to go and do a safari expedition, to see and experience the wildlife. Also offers a uniqe culutral experience....stop in Johannesburg for the mix of culutures.
Either will get to experience something different and memorable.


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One thing you might want to weigh (given that this trip is a prize) is which destination is more expensive to reach on your own. (Assuming that the cultural and scenic value of each destination is equal, in your thinking.)

For me (Baltimore, USA), South Africa would be a VERY expensive destination in terms of airfare, and even perhaps safari costs as compared to East Africa.

Whereas Cuba is not that much farther than Florida, and fairly cheap once "on the ground."

So I would go to South Africa, thinking I could make it to Cuba on my own fairly easily.

If you are in Australia, the equation may be reversed.

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Spent 2-3 weeks in Cuba April 2005 and would highly recommend you go there instead of South Africa.
Main reasons -
Great scenery and weather, very friendly people, beaches to mountains to old Spanish towns, and the pre-1963 cars are a delight on the eyes and to be driven around in.
Add good beer, mojitos, great music and lovely beaches (e.g. Playa Ancon and Cayo Leviso).
Drawbacks - disgusting food, expensive for the woeful service you get, bugger all in the shops but Che kitsch, and the Internet (if you can find it) runs like a 3-legged dog.
Primary reason - experience the most authentic socialist experiment still being implemented after it's obvious abject failure, and tell your grandchildren that you visited Cuba before El Jefe shuffled off his mortal coil.
When he goes, it goes!!!

Viva le democracia

Viva la vino collapso!!!

Commissar Anton
Komitet Gosudarstvenoi Bezopastnosti

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South Africa!!!

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Beaches, great local people, different culture, many contrasts. Dancing salsa.