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Quoting cesnna152

3. Bratislava - better than you think. And really cheap!

Yes, the Bratislava is really cheap - anyway - it is the most extensive part of Slovakia. When I was last time in Poprad (High Tatras), the dinner costs 2Euros, beer 0,4Euro - everything was good and really cheap.

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Best: Riga, Latvia: A fantistic and cheap city with nice sight, great people and fantastic parties

not so good: Tallinn, Estonia : A nice city but too many tourists !!

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Considering that Georgia and Armenia are in Eastern Europe as well, go there. And Kiev/Odessa in Ukraine.

For something different go to Albania or Moldova.

For meeting 5 milion tourists, go to Prague, it's still beautiful.

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Have you visited any of the places you mention? You forgot Azerbaijan, mind as visit there while in the neighborhood.

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Yes, I visited all the places I mentioned otherwise I can not say something about it. Azerbaidzjan is very high on my list and probably will go there next year. A friend of mine whom I travel with to this kind of countries could not make it this year.

Any advice on that country what to see?


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Sarajevo - I can't believe someone actually listed the fact that it's a "Muslim city" as a negative. Islam may have a problem with a minority of extremists but the general Islamic population are far more polite, friendly, peaceful and hospitable than the secular populations in the rest of Europe and North America. Not to mention all of the beautiful mosques in Sarajevo and the surrounding area. Some people seem to think of Sarajevo and equate it with Iran (surprising for someone to still do this even after visiting the place), but the people in Sarajevo are incredibly friendly and seem to like going out at night almost as much as people in western europe. Fantastic city.

Belgrade - wonderful history and great nightlife.

Gdansk - without expecting to I loved Gdansk and would love to go back some day.

Worst - I don't think it's possible to list the worst cities without visiting them all but I can say the ones I least enjoyed.

Bratislava - just a bit underwhelmed by it to be honest, there isn't a lot there to see and it seems to be as western as Prague now. There's also starting to be a real problem with British people going on stag weekends there from the looks of it.

Jesenice - not a very big place in Slovenia but I didn't have a good time there. I got accosted twice by extremely forceful and violent homeless people which wasn't what I expected from Slovenia at all. Didn't seem a very nice place to be honest.

Warsaw - again, a bit rough for my liking and not particularly pretty. The rest of Poland seems nicer.

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