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Hello everyone:

I have 4 days to kill after I land in Buenos Aires and my friend gets there to meet me. Since I will stay in BA later on in my trip with my friend, I would like to do something alternative during that period. So here are two options that look doable and interesting:

1. Iguazu falls (via bus)

2. La Paz and Copacabana (via plane from BA)

Although I enjoy natural beauty, I prefer cities and hanging out with locals so right now I am leaning towards Bolivia but I am open to suggestions from travelers.
Which one should I do? If I do Bolivia, should I just stay in La Paz or try to see Copacabana and Isla del Sol? I understand that Copacabana is a nice stop on Cuzco - La Paz overland route but is it worth seeing if I will not do that route?

Thanks for advice.
Safe travels everyone.

Sinan (Istanbul)

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If you ask me, you'd be crazy to travel up to the southern peruvian border from BsAs if you have just four days!

True, La Paz is interesting, but I personally didn't think much of Lake Titicaca; it's just a big pond, nothing particularly interesting there, nature nor otherwise. It's absolutely worth going if you happen to be in the area, but if you aren't, it is a very skippable place on the earth.

Iguazu, on the other hand, despite of being overly touristified, is smt that you absolutely cannot miss out on. Quoting my Rough Guide, "... afer all the work was done on the first seven days, God must have used the eighth day to create Iguazu Falls", and it's true. Moreover, it is a far more realistic destination given the time frame you're in, not to mention the burden that your time-pressured flight up north would put on the environment...

If you decide against Iguazu, another alternative that I can warmly recommend is the north-east of Argentina, especially Salta, Tafi del Valle, Tucuman, Santiago del Estero and their surroundings. Beautiful cities, and very extravert people, so it's actually much easier to socialise with locals than it is in La Paz. Consult your guidebook, or drop me a line if you want to know more.

Niels (Amsterdam)

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Iguazu Falls would have to be the go.
See them from the Argentina and Brazilian sides.
Cross over to Paraguay for the day.