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1. Posted by chelsi (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

hello!! I'm a 20 year old canadian girl traveling to oz in february 07. Im working in france right now saving up as much money as i can trying not to piss it all away... hmmm its hard. So just wondering if I bring 5000 ausd like they say you should... but so it seems you dont need this as many of the comments on various posts have said...but if i do bring that and plan on working how far you think this will get me. I really want to stay a year. Is this really far fetched?? I will work lots and be somewhat sensible with the spending. and I will be staying at a place 115 aus a week.
Another quiestion I couldnt answer myself by looking through the posts is if people recommend staying in a hostel or sharing a flat and paying something like 115 a week... I really have no idea what to do about that.
Also will i have to get a bank account when I am there or should I get one before i come...or can i not get one....
Thanks so much if anyone can answer my silly quiestions.
oh right and if anyone is looking for a site to find a flat mate www.easyroommate.com is really a good one! (i think so)... i do

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Hi chelsea,

If you bring 5000 and work you will be fine. Just set your travel plans early and work out a budget for that. And keep in mind you can work as you travel around the country. And if you apply for your visa after July 1st you will be able to work for 6-months in one job; previously it was 3-months. $115 a week is about average or just below for a shared apartment.

Happy travels

3. Posted by chelsi (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

thank you very much majito... hmmm mojito...best drink. i wonder is 9:30 in the morning is too early.