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hi everyone!
im going travelling w a friend (2 girls) to L.America for 3 months in a cpl of weeks. We are gonna fly to Lima and go round Peru for a bit and then go to Brazil thru Bolivia. While in Brazil we wanna go on an Amazon tour but there are so many options some of which seem way too expensive.. I been looking into them coz id like to book it on time.. do you have any suggestions??

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I know exactly what you mean. We've decided to stick to Peru (as opposed to Ecaudor or Brazil, where you can also take tours).

There are so many, but we've decided to go with www.explorama.com

We're staying at 2 of their lodges and doing different activities with them.

Hope that helps.

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In the amazon region you will find a lot of good trips to the rainforest. Tou have to start in Maunaus or Belem. Better Manaus because it's very great there.
To see wild animals and a lot of birds, you can make discovery tours with goverment supervision. Beware! Always use autorized tourist operators. Discuss with them about the price because there is a lot of range possible.

If you want to enter in the Amazon forest and learn a lot of the region, then you have to join a good trip, on of tehem is a visit to the Jau national park (Parque nacional de Jaú). You will spend minimum 6 days but you extend until 15 days depending of your budget. You will see arqueologic signs, a lot of plants and animals, waterfalls, riverbeaches, ...
There are also a lot of short trips near Manaus, 1 2, 3 or 4 days. They have jungle lodges for all kind of budget.
In Manaus you will find a variation of hotels from 15 US$ until 600 per day.

I made various visits to the amazon region and know a lot of serios guides and resident persons who works with tourist branche that I can commend to you, send message.

look at the following sites

Good trip

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if you go to Manaus, try the TIWA
it is a very good place and not very expensive.
i ve recommended the place to some European people and they loved it.
don t know the web but i cannot be difficult to find it.

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if you do a thread search theres quite a lot of old threads on this topic, use keyword search Amazon or jungle, or Manaus

Theres absolutely millions of tour operators wanting to take you into the jungle, the best advice anyone can give is try and do as much research as possible and find a trip that suits you for an amount of money that is reasonable for what you're going to get, I seriously reccomend waiting to get there before you book a tour, most tour companies notoriously rip off pre-bookers.

take care