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1. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


If my calculations are correct - it is already Friday in OZ - keep in mind that I really suck at math! But, if my calculations are correct, then the kids will be getting you out of bed shortly - that is, I give you a couple more hours of sleep - tops!

And, speaking of calculations... Is this really your 40th or 41st birthday??? Looking at your profile on Wednesday, it listed you as 40 - but maybe TP actually exists in a time warp. I'm going to go with 40 - just because it's a nice round number and it means you'll be getting all of those "now you're an old fart" cards that everyone enjoys sooooo much. The black crepe paper strung around the house is also a nice touch!

Isa hands James a bowl of pablum so he can feed Eloise, a bowl of Cherrios for Alexander and the keys to the castle pub so he can hide out for awhile and really enjoy the day! ;) ;) ;)

ps: Don't let Jase anywhere near those keys or all the Guinness will be gone before you get there!!!!

2. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Happy B-Day, James! Hope you have a wonderful day - and that 40 is all it's cracked up to be!

3. Posted by Jase007 (Respected Member 8870 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Happy birthday old chap
All the best James, another year down and one closer to retirement
Jase raises a Pint of Guinness

Hope you have a good one ;)

4. Posted by Alicja (Budding Member 238 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Happy Birthday JAMES!!!!!!

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6. Posted by abcdf (Full Member 557 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Happy Birthday James!

Its time to celebrate and have a good time. May the wind hit you on your back and the road be smooth under your feet and a cold beer in your hand all the live long days. He he.

7. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Happy Birthday James!! Hopefully the kids will treat you to a nice peaceful birthday :) Have a good one!

8. Posted by cikusang (Respected Member 1361 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Happy birthday, James!

9. Posted by snatterand (Travel Guru 454 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Sooo... You're that old?! ;)

Happy birthday, celebrate like crazy, birthdays are FUN!!!


10. Posted by beerman (Respected Member 1631 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

.....and in a flash of iridescent green light, accompanied by the stacatto tippity-tap of Aussie Rules Football Shoes, comes Beerman, who shall refer to himself as....Foster......

Halllloooooooo, you lucky Hames, mate, person you, it is I, Fosterman, here to make Happy at you on this, your most Happy of Happy Days, eh mate. TA DA!!!!! I, Fosterman, have made chosen of this place, Oceanworld Manly, to make Happy at you as it is seeming appropriate for two Manly Mans to make Happy at........Now please to step back, I am make dive into aquarium bowl......

Leap high into air, dive deep into biggest of tanks, twist, twirl, pat dolphin on nose, stick tongue out at shark, swim to left, swim to right, do best Olympic Synchronized Swim Team impression, get bumped on behind by angry shark, turn and dive just in time to avoid large bite on posterior, swim to bottom, step on urchin, scream in pain as urchin spines penetrate big toe, avoid shark again, twist, twirl, prepare to leap out of water, get attacked and bitten on bum by angry mackeral, leap out of water, land on uninjured foot at base of pool, arms outstretched.......TA DAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Excuse please, Foster is having pliers to remove urchin spines from foot..........I think I am having small tuna caught in manly massive chest wig......hhhhmmmmmmm, is good thing for massive crotch wig under iridescent Speedo thing......

So, Mr Hames mate, eh....Fosterman is now to offer to you selection of fabulous consolation prizes from Collection of Beerman on Stateley Mt. Isa, Qld. Feerst, please to accept this lovely tuna, caught fresh just moments ago, this commemorative photo of Fosterman catching tuna in massive chest wig, your very own pair of nutty-crunchy iridescent green Speedos, complete with massive attached crotch wig, for to drive not only wife crazy wild with passion, but for to make many mens jealous with craziness at your appearance. Also, this black crepe paper, because is tradition at your age. You are feeling manly now, yes? Is Mrs. Hames with baby Hames over there? Woman has crazy wild with passion look in her eyes at you.....I am think it is exposed buttock from Speedo.....Oooh, I am almost forget. Beans. Here is complimentary set of beans for to count as hobby. Foster has make heard of you types of peoples........you are wearing clip-on tie? Do you peoples know about beer here?

Now, if you make please to point me in direction of east, I am have hear that there is little bit of reef off coast somewhere near here.........

...........and in a near-blinding flash of iridescent green, much to the amusement of the gathered tourists at the aquarium, much to the relief of the angry fish, and being chased by a group of midgit Aussie footballers who want their shoes back, leaves Beerm....Fosterman, trailing behind him a case of 0,9L cans......

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