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1. Posted by Jonty (Budding Member 4 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi all
Just an idea i am bouncing around, and could do with some help. I am thinking of quiting the UK for a while and touring the USA and Canada on a motorbike for as long as possible.

I know visa's could be a problem but I'm not sure how easy it would be to jump from the USA to Canada and back, or indead if it is allowed.

Also how difficult could it be to get bike insurance out there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


2. Posted by IMonaghan (Respected Member 431 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

As long as all of your paperwork is in order the US Canada border is fairly easy to cross back and forth. Usually visas for people from the UK aren't too hard to come by, but I'm not an expert on this so others would have to give you details.

Sounds like a fun trip, hope it works out for you.

3. Posted by pangloss (Budding Member 12 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!


You don't write what nationality you are. If you are a EU citizen, things should be fairly straightforward. If you plan on staying in the US for a consecutive 90 days or more, you need a B-2 visa (tourist visa), which does not allow to work in the US. You can get this visa in your nearest US embassy. In case you plan on leaving the country (to Canada) before 90 days are up, you may also skip the B-2 visa and travel using the Visa Waiver program.

Going back and forth between the US and Canada is no problem at all, with both methods, the Visa Waiver program just limits any stay to 90 days, so you HAVE to go to Canada before this time is up. With the Visa it works differently. You will be granted a specific period of time in the country by the immegration officer at the port of entry, and depending on his impression you make he might grant you 90, 120 or 180 days. This can be extended while you are in the country at any immigration office. Please see: for more information.

However, there's one catch with both methods. If anyone assumes that you might have come to work (illegally), they might make either not grant extensions or deny a second 90 day period on the Visa Waiver program. So it also might depend on your age and your overall appearance, plus possible proof of your willingness to leave again and of your ability to pay for the trip with money earned at home (business cards, credit cards, air tickets make good proof). Things have gotten tighter in that respect recently. So please get some further advice on this topic.

In terms of motorbike. You don't say whether you plan to bring your bike or buy/rent one in the US. If it is your own you should just make sure your insurance back home covers the trip. Otherwise things will get a little more complicated (if you plan on buying), but there are specialized agencies taking care of this as well.

Hope this helps for now


4. Posted by Jonty (Budding Member 4 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi Pangloss

Many thanks for the info.
I am British, and have a sister in the USA hence the interest in touring over there. I have visited the USA quite a few times.

If I do make the trip I will be buying a bike in the US or Canada (I would check relavent prices) You mention agencies taking care of bike issues, do you have more info on these?

Many thanks, Jonty