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1. Posted by MKristen (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Alright, where to start. I was in Montreal recently for business and I made a reservation in a downtown hotel for 3 nights. I'm a 19 year old male and the thing is the night I came in to check in, apparently they said that Canadian Law requires guests to be 21 or older. I've been to Montreal twice before and I was able to check in without any problems. Thus, I had to pay a cancellation fee and had to wander the streets of Downtown Montreal for 3 hours till I was able to find a youth hostel that would take me. I don't understand this, is this true, must you be over 21? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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As far as I'm aware that is complete and utter rubbish! i have in downtown hotels in both montreal and quebec at the age of 19 and never encountered a problem. I cannot beleive they made you pay a cancellation fee! When i stayed in montreal i was with a group as i was in canada for 3 months...we stayed for 2 nights. there were about 200 of us ALL UNDER 21 all staying in completely different hotels.

I would definately get in touch with them! get a refund!

3. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

There is, as far as I can find, no laws on the books in either Quebec or Canada related to how old someone has to be to rent a room. More than likely this is hotel policy, and not "law."

Even if there was a law, it seems unreasonable that you should be requested to pay the cancellation fee, seeing as the hotel was refusing to rent you the room, rather than you not showing up when you have promised.

I would write a letter to both the general manager of the hotel and (assuming it's a corporate chain) the corporate customer service department. Just lay out the details - you reserved the room with no indicatation that there was a minimum age to rent, you arrived and were turned away, upon which time you were forced to pay a cancellation fee when though it was the hotel that was "cancelling" the reservation, not you, and you had to try and find a hostel that would take you. Indicate that you were serverly inconvienced, and that you are very disappointed that you can't stay at that chain's hotels again, because in the past you had enjoyed your stays there. (That bit also gets them).

If that does not bring you the outcome you want, go to their corporate website, pick an appropriate corporate officer (VP of customer service, or some such thing) and write them a letter detailing everything.

Keep the letters civil and nice, just stating the facts and that you are disappointed in what happened. Don't be mad and don't be threatening.

Best of luck.


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Oh I forgot to add an important thing. I lost my credit card and thus when I showed up I showed them my reservation number + ID and wanted to pay my entire stay in cash. The manager was called, he looked at my ID and was like we can't do it for those under 21. I'm not sure if the lack of a credit card had anything to do with the situation but it may have.

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I work in the québec youth hostel and have worked in many of québec's hotels and I have never heard of this. Sometimes the manager won't like having young travelers (afraid of the noise and all) but I never saw them refuse.

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It may have been the credit card that was the problem, then. The credit card is more than just payment, it's also in a sense insurance if you end up trashing the room - they can always just charge any damage to the card. That might have been the issue that the hotel had.