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1. Posted by cosima (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Dear travellers,

with your help and after much deliberation I composed the following schedule four our trip to Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. How does it look? can it be significantly improved somehow?

(in theory "maze" comes from "amazing", I presume? :o)

Thank you - thank you!!!

June 11 Arrival in Lima, 19.00

12,13 see Lima

13/14 Night Bus Lima – Huancayo 7 hr

14 Huancayo

15 Bus Huancayo-Ayacucho 10 hr

16 Bus Ayacucho-Cusco 20-28 hr

17 Cusco

18 Day tour to Sacsayhuaman and others

19 Machu Pichu

20 Machu Pichu

21 Train or bus Cusco-Puno

22 Puno: Uros Islands

23 Bus Puno - La Paz 9 hr

24 La Paz: Valle de la Luna

25, 26, 27 Takesi Trail

28 Bus La Paz- Puno - Arequipa 15 hr

29 Arequipa
29/30 Night bus Arequipa – Lima 18 hr
30 Lima
30/1 Night bus Lima – Chiclayo 14 hr
1 Chiclayo

2 (Visit maybe the ghost town of Zana?)
2/3 Night bus Chiclayo – Tumbes 10 hr
3 Tumbes – Ecuador border - Cuenca

4 Cuenca - Quito

5, 6, 7 Quito, Day tour: Mindo

8 Flight back home to Bucharest

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take more time for Macchu Pichu; you won't make it in two days, unless you're very lucky with the trains and everything. And, I'd spend more time in Cuenca, and less in Quito, if I were you. Cuenca is just way more interesting. For the rest, it seems feasible.

However, why plan every single day? That's hardly a holiday, seems more like a military expedition to me :-). One piece of advice; decide on three or four sites that you absolutely don't want to miss, and be flexible about the rest. It will take you places.

have fun,
Niels (Amsterdam)

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Youve planned way too much for the time u have!!!
You need more time in Cusco. Its such a wonderful, amazing, energised city and there is enough there to keep you busy for 2 weeks easy! I have just returned from 7 weeks there.
You can do Sacsayhuaman and other nearby ruins in a day (the horse riding option is great fun and goes to lots of sites). A day on a tour of the Sacred Valley (Pisaq, Urubamba etc) is good. Or catch a local bus to these places and squeeze in Salinas salt pans near Urubamba as well, but walk in.
I think u are going to feel a bit disappointed with your rushed itinerary and feel you sat thru a slide show rather than experienced all it has to offer. Just pick a few places and really do them well. Also remember that you may need a few days of doing very little while you acclimatise to the altitude, so factor that possibility in too.
Lucky you, you will love it!!

4. Posted by bentivogli (Respected Member 2398 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

When I said "feasible", I meant only if you stick to this schedule rigidly. You will not be able to afford deviations or delays, so best plan a bit less ambitiously.