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any must sees between melbourne and adelaide? traveling June 26 to July 1 by camper.


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The list is a bit too long to enumerate here....if you're taking the Great Ocean Road, there are riches beyond the telling! I did the same road trip last year in December and it was spectacular. If you want to read about my journey and some of the places I went to, you can go to my blog at and usew the "Archive" menu on the right side to get to December. The entries are chronological so you'll see the NZ part of my trip first, scroll down to work backward to the beginning of the month's entries, the Saturday, Dec 10 installment has most of the Great Ocean Road trip.

I know you'll be there for a different season, but the natural splendor of it all can't be beat. I found the Tourist Info Centers extremely helpful resources as I went along, stopping and then choosing where to stay each night, etc. They also usually provide free internet connections or for a small fee, if that's important to you.

Feel free to message me if you have specific questions. I really loved this trip and am happy to share whatever I can....

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As suggested, the main must-see between Adelaide and Melbourne is the Great Ocean Road. In fact, it is one of the must-sees in all of Australia. As much as I love Melbourne, I would consider the Great Ocean Road a greater drawcard for Victoria :) You should plan to spend at least 2 days there if possible.

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The main things along the Great Ocean road that I can think of, Torquay, Bells Beach (please note that Point Break was not filmed here!!) is a world famous surf beach (competitions conducted at Easter every year).
The twelve apostles (natural rock formations, although I think there's a few less now :) ), and London Bridge (also fallen down !)

I've stayed in Lorne twice, it's a nice town to stay in, see if you can get a good vantage point a bit up the hill.

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Torqay is definetely worth checking out if your into surfing

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Check this site out. Enjoy your journey.

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I'll pinch in with a recommendation for the Grampians, one of my favourite national parks in Oz. Stunning scenery, amazing walks and grazing kangaroos on any spare patch of grass, grand...

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Here area couple of ideas:-
I wrote this with Adelaide to Melbourne in mind (doh) if you are travelling the other way just reverse it.

1. Follow the coast all the way - go via Kingston, this is the Coorong area & quite desolate but beautiful, some good camping too. Then to Robe which is a nice seaside town (if you can find out where the 'Woodbine Cutting' is go for a look). Then Mt Gambier & the blue lake. Check out the Caves at Nelson then continue on to Portland, Warnambool & the GOR.

2. Down the Coorong again but turn East at Kingston to Naracoorte, there are caves here, then head south to Penola which takes you through 'The Coonawarra' - some of my favourite red wine come from this district. Then to Mt Gambier & as above.

3. Continue on from Naracoorte, Edenhope to Mt Arapilies - great scenery & the Rock Climbing Mecca. You can go via Horsham to the Grampians as was suggested then via Ararat, Ballarat.
At Ballarat, we have Soverign Hill, one of the best attractions in Oz. It is a recreated living town from the gold mining days of the 1860's - allow a day & include the 'Blood on the Southern Cross' a night experience (rug up). I suggest Blood on the SC at night then the next day Soverign Hill and leave for Melbourne late afternoon, it's only about 1.5 hrs on.

The distace between Adelaide & Melbourne via the Western Hwy is 750 km (450m). This can be done quite adequately in 1 day with mandatory stops only (food & stretching of legs). Any of the other routes will take a little longer but the 5 days you have will do any of these easily.
If you go via the Western Hwy, when you get to Bordertown, check out the albino kangaroos in the large enclosure on the Eastern outskirts of town.

Have a great trip, it will be cool (literally).

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Mt.Gambier has a beautiful blue lake called 'the blue lake'.

They also have lots of caves around ther (Naracoorte I think it's called).

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Thanks for all of the replies. we'll definitely check the sites out.