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I'm coming over from England to stay with a family in france (La gouray) for a month or so to do some work on their farm,

I am coming over on the ferry from Poole to St malo and it sounds(St Malo) like a really intersting place to have a look round with its history (apparently it used to be a muster point during the crusades) and i would like to know if their are any hostels or decent low cost places to stay for 1 night,as well as places to visit so i can have a look round & spend the night before moving on.

Thankyou anyone...;)

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Saint-Malo is certainly worth visiting ! I personally loved it, there's an unique atmosphere. Though I have to admit, you have to be lucky with the weather: when we were there, there was a lot of wind (it's always windy ;)), but sunny, and that made it perfect to visit. I can understand that on rainy days, a visit of the town, especially a walk over the rampart, might be less appealing.

To visit, you should go to the historical centre, i.e. the walled part of St-Malo, and just wander around over there. It's not big, so it won't be hard to see everything in (less than) a day.
If it's a nice day, you can picnic on one of the beaches (there's always a spot where you'll be sheltered from the wind), enjoying the views.

As for accomodation, I can't really help you on that one: I've never spent the night in St-Malo or even in the region. I do know that if you're on a budget, you should try to find a hotel outside of historical St-Malo (St-Malo has a "modern" part too), because prices are ridiculuously high on the old part.
Maybe you can find something on this site. Apparently there's an Etap hotel in St-Malo, they are usually good value.

PS : Don't know about it having been a muster point during the crusades, but it definitely has been a pirates' nest in the 17th and 18th century. The English have tried to destroy or conquer it several times, but the city was unassailable. (just translating quickly a site who explains in short the history of St-Malo)

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Thank you very much Myo

I had a feeling it was this kind of town just from looking at photos.

Thanks for the info, so i know a little bit more about what to expect in terms of where to go etc. and thanks for the hotel link as this will be the most important imformation to me.