Once im in london.....Help please and thanks

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Okay im landing in Gatwick airport on September 1st. Im wondering what would be the cheapest and fastest or just cheapest(lol) to victoria station or waterloo. I have a reservation for a hostel about 3 blocks away from the waterloo station and i want to get to my hostel without any delays. Also you guys think i have enough tim to see buckingham and big ben and the gardens etc if i land in london at 1:45 and go to my hostel and do all that stuff? THanks so much for any help here!!


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The cheapest I think would be the National Express bus (www.nationalexpress.com) for around 8 quid and the quickest the Gatwick Express train (www.gatwickexpress.com) for about 15 quid. Both go to Victoria from memory but Waterloo's only a couple of tube stops from there.
If you wanted to do some sightseeing that same day you would have to get the train, think it takes 30 mins and the bus can take hours. That should leave you enough time to see the Ben and the Palace and a few others in between.

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Hi Joey,

It´s alright between the national express and the gatwick express, you should find what you need. The gatwick express takes 30mn and run every fifteen minutes. Concerning the national express (it´s a bus) It really depends on the traffic.

From your hostel in waterloo I will go straight to leicester square pump around Piccadilly circus follow The Picadilly up to green park passing in front of the ritz and stolling down green park. Have alook at Buckimgham palace and keep going down to the guards through Saint James Park. That´s should get you Big ben and to Westminster Abbey.

From there two options :

Going to the other river bank (same one than big ben) and going back to your hostel, walking following the river.

If you have a map going to Downing street which is just up the road from Big ben. (just a bit hard to explain by writting).

Actually you may have a third option Going to a pub and experience the real London.............

Have an excellent time in London and if you choose the third option have one for me too.

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There is a quick train that links Gatwick with Victoria, but it is quite expensive. YOu can alternatively take another train to Victoria Train Station that is not Gatwick express for half the price and not as slow as one may think "a priori". The other bus option that has suggested to you is great also. Although I had always preferred train. I get so nervous with traffic jams and all that...