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What country/ state should I start with? Any suggestions on the route of travel? What countries/ state should I visit? Im female and travelling alone. I only have 1 month.

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I would say look at flights from your home city (Oz?) to Europe and start from there. You may be able to get fly in fly outs for he same prices, such as fly into Rome and out of London, or even greece. I know Olympic and Emirates have very cheap fares from Oz to Athens. That would be my reckoning...

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Hi! There´s so many different places to visit in Europe, and I don´t suggest you even try to visit everywhere in a month. You might be best thinking about what you really want to see, and sticking to that. Most of the European capital cities are good places to start with, and some places will take longer to see than others, ie I spent 2 days in Barcelona, which wasn´t really long enough, but an afternoon in Luxembourg city was fine.

A few places I´d really recommend are: Brussels - capital of Belgium, and the EU. Seriously underrated, but I spent 5 months living there and lovedit! Bruges (Brugge), also in Belgium, and an hour by train from Brussels, is also a must-see, though it can apparently get really busy in August - I was there out of season and it was fairly busy. Luxembourg city is also really underrated, but worth an afternoon, at least. Barcelona is another good place to visit. And a lot of people include Bran castle in Transylvania in Romania - also recommended. However, you may need to check visa requirements for Romania - as an EU citizen I didn´t need a visa, but other countries will.

Other tourist pulls are London, Paris, Prague, Rome, Venice etc. I haven´t visited any of these yet so I can´t give them the thumbs up / down. Amsterdam is another big tourist centre, but I wasn´t too taken, and would not be bothered about going back.

Other things to take into account: weather - southern Europe can be very hot, northern Europe not so hot, but the weather there is very unpredictable. Visas: Many eastern European countries now allow EU passport holders to enter without visas, and this may extend in most cases to America passport holders as well, but other passport holders should check. Some eastern European countries requite visas even for EU passport holders - Russia and Belarus, for example. Money: Generally, southern Europe is slightly cheaper than nothern Europe. Eastern Europe generally is very cheap - I managed nearly 4 weeks in Belarus / Russia in 2001 with only 150 UK Pounds spending money - whereas Scandinavia is very expensive. Switzerland and Austria are also fairly expensive.

Sorry - this is a really long post, but I hope it gives you some ideas and help in choosing what to visit! Enjoy Europe - it´s a great place!

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Sorry - also meant to add this onto the end of my last post!

Another thing to take into account is the size of countries and how easy it is to get round. Belgium, for example, is very small, and from Brussels, most places are easily accessible by a very good, not overly expensive rail network (if you´re staying in Belgium for any length of time, or doing a lot of travelling, there is a pass called the go pass for under 26 year olds, which is 43€, and a similar, more expenisve pass for over 26 year olds, which gives you 10 single journeys. Just remember to fill it in BEFORE you get on the train, as I forgot one day and got landed with a 50€ fine ), whereas Spain is very big, and to get from one place to another can involve a quite expensive, and very long coach or train journey.

Going from country to country, especially between places that are further apart, it might be a good idea to fly - Ryanair cover Europe pretty comprehensively, and they have just put up their weight limit by 5kg!