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1. Posted by Scotslad (Budding Member 41 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Im planning to go for 6 weeks and travel round Europe beginning at the end of Sep. I have no idea where to start. I will be travelling on my own and REALLY want to meet new people and have a good time. Im looking for a good night life. I have heard about an Interail ticket. Can anyone tell me good hostels to stay at, places to visits, nightclubs, bars ect. As i say the main purpose of the trip is to meet people. Any advice countries to go to how long to stay for in each place. And anyone who might be travelling at that time maybe we could meet up.

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hi Darren,

Europe is massive so your requirements are a bit vague. First of all as you said Interail or eurorail is good or you can check on eurolines 15 o 30 days pass.

For the good nightlife I will go to Barcelona (full of pub, night life and things to see Eg SAgrada familia). Roma will be a good idea too.
At the end of september there is the beer festival in Munich which is the best place to meet people but you will have to book accomodation right away as it can be fully booked already.

What I will do it´s book a flight, check, (I know flying is bad but you will gain a lot of time) to Barcelona then eurolines to Nice (south of France), Roma and up to Pragues to finish in Munich. On your way back to Uk you can stop over in Amsterdam or Bruges, then the ferry.

Not knowing where you fancy to go that will be a good start.

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I agree with Flo, also for reasons of weather; september is the start of autumn, and anywhere north of France, things get pretty unreliable (rain, sudden cold, just very unpleasant).

Don't make it around Europe flying, however; unnecessary flying has often been labelled irresponsible travel on this forum, and you can get everywhere in Europe by train, which also helps you to get the best out of your time; after all, transportation is what travelling is all about...

Therefore, I'd buy a Eurail pass of southern Europe, and consider 'doing' Spain, southern France and maybe a bit of Italy (you really shouldn't skip Rome, it's awesome in autumn, and very quiet too. Only it's quite hard to actually meet romans, they don't socialise much with foreigners).

Drop me a message if you need more specific advice, best,
Niels (Amsterdam)

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