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Im trying to work out the best route to get from venezuela to Brazil, we have about 5 - 6 weeks to get to Rio there seems to be a good route takiing us through through the amazon but is 5-6 weeks realistically enough time, any advice you can give would be great.



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hey cherie, unfortunately i do not have any advice to offer. but me and a buddy of mine are actually planning to do the same trek. caracas to rio. im trying to find out a good route to take. we dont want to take a plane or anything like that. we want to make it adventurous i suppose. when are you planning on doing this? we will be doing it most likely in november. if you find out anything could you send it my way. i will do the same for you if youd like. feel free to send me a message aswell. i posted my own thread, and have yet to recieve a reply.


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I understand you can go from Caracas to Manaus overland fairly easily, never done the whole trip myself, but I have driven Boa Vista to Manaus, which is a whole day driving, and I imagine Caracas might be a day or two north of Boa Vista (this is going quickly, not
"backpacker-speed"). You can get a boat from Manaus to Belem, which takes a few days, and from there you are reconnected to Brazil's public transport going South.

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Hi All

I do not finish the travel from Caracas to Lima but Lima to Rio is below
Lima to Arequipa 14 hours US$ 30
Arequipa to Cusco 10 hour US$ 25
Cusco to Puno 8 hours US$ 20
Puno to Copacabana 5 hours US$ 5,00
Copacabana to Lapaz 4 hours US$ 4,00
Lapaz to cochabamba 15 hours US$ 12,00
Cochabamba to Santa Cruz 8 hours US 8,00
Santa cruz to Porto Soarez by train 19 hours US$ 20,00
Cross Bolivia to Brazil by taxi 10 min US$ 4,00
Corumba(Brazil) to Rio de janeiro 28 hours US$ 80,00

There is way to Caracas to Manaus but it is very dificult and take long because you need to cross the Amazon with several place with no road.

It is quite easy to find the buses, is just arriving on main bus stataion and there are plenty.
You can find better prices but i did in very good one

See you