Can we do Aus and NZ in 6 weeks?

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My girlfriend and I would like to do some travelling for 6 weeks this summer, and we would like to include Australia and New Zealand, and possibly even more! Is it likely that we can cover all we want to do in 6 weeks? Can anyone tell us the best places to visit? We are keen to see as much as possible without too much lazing around!

Many thanks, ;)

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Personally, I think you are being a little ambitious - Australia and New Zealand are big places and the cities are widely spread. I'm taking a year to do Australia and hopefully go back to do New Zealand in a few years time. You could probably see parts of both countries but there is a lot to see and I doubt you would see much of it. Perhaps you could find out where are the places to see and plan your trip carefully so that you can fit it all in - I've been advised to allow for jet lag (it really knocks the stuffing out of you).

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im also doing oz for a year you wont be able to "do oz and nz" in 6weeks but if you plan on what you really want to do and see you just have to manage your time well, i wouldn't stay in the cities to long (of what i've seen so far they're all the same) and if you fly internally in oz then you can cover much wider areas. i've met people who have done all they wanted in 6weeks but will come back because they didnt see enough of a place they liked etc. also i would give yourself at least 3days to get over the jet lag, it hits hard so be prepared for it.

hope that helps a little

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Quote - "Is it likely we can cover all we want to do in 6 weeks?" .

Short answer - NO !

Longer answer - well, it all depends on:

a. Where you plan on going (i.e. East and/or West coast, north or south, the "Red Centre", Tasmania, various other bits in between, etc.)

b. What you plan on doing/ what your particular interests are (e.g. are you into bushwalking or perhaps something a bit more 'extreme', like bungy-jumping or white-water rafting, or more into the whole "sightseeing" for famous landmarks thing?)

c. What mode(s) of transport you were considering using (e.g. bus, train or domestic airlines), and of course,

d. What sort of "budgetary constraints" you're under !

Give us a bit more of an indication and we'll see what we can offer you for your 6 weeks !;)