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1. Posted by ahleeseeah (Budding Member 44 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

The subject pretty much sums it up. How do you go about going to the doctor in Australia while on a WHV? My fiance and I have been here not even 2 weeks, and he's got some sort of wicked flu bug that is getting worrisome. I read something a while ago about getting a card or something that allows you to visit the doc -- how would I go about obtaining such a card? Any advice you people could provide would be great.


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I'd call your insurance company, and let them tell you where to go. That way you're guaranteed not to have any hassle with getting them to pay for it afterward either. (The Australian system you're referring to is medicare, I think, but I don't think you'd have anything to do with that as a non-resident.)

(I never had to go to a doctor in Australia, but in the USA I visited two; one I paid directly, and then sent the invoice to the insurance company to have paid back to me. The other took care of things directly with the insurance company, after having faxed them my details for confirmation.)

Good luck.

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You can get a medicare card on your visa, well you can as a uk resident so i would expect you could as a canadian. Its a really good thing to have aswell as you dont have to pay for anything. Just go to local medicare office with passport and something else with your home address on that should be enough. The offices are usually in shopping centres. hope the boyf feels better x

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Thanks heaps for your info, guys. Esp. the shopping center tip.

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Yeh your medicare card will let you see a doctor for free, your card will take upto 4 weeks to get to you, you get this from a medicare office, there is one in city centre.

Without a card the fee is $50 to see a doctor, you can claim back when you have your card and it works out that you pay $20, as you get about $30 back.

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Yeah, I'm a UK citizen but just walked into a Medicare office (in a westfield shopping centre!) one lunchtime with my passport and was able to apply for a card.

It took just over 2 weeks to arrive, but in the meantime they give you a temporary card so you can visit the doctor straight away (not that you'd want to!)

Whole process is very easy!

Katie ;-)