how long can you stay in guatemala?

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I'm assuming there's a maximum length of time which you can stay in the country...Also, because of the way my trip will go, I will be flying into guatemala but my returm flight home to Canada won't be till about a year later and from a different country, Brazil for example. Am I able to purchase a one way ticket to Guatemala and would that satisfy border officials or would they require a departure flight? I haven't tried askign the airlines yet and I'm not sure how helpful they would be....thank you-Andrea

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A visitor can stay 90 days, when you arrive ask for the 90 days time, as often they may give you 30 days. After 90 days you must leave Guatemala for 72 hours, the easiest way to do this is to go to either neighboring Honduras (Ruins of Copán) or San Salvador, El Salvador, both a short bus ride from Guatemala City.

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dbloom is correct in everything except there is one further option if you speak a little spanish, That is to simply pay the (migracion oficial) 100 Quetzals and he will stamp you out and back in, all in a few moments..Works everytime for me and my friends..
Best of luck

No problem with one way ticket..if they ask suggest you may leave by land through Mexico


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As a US citizen (I think Canadians have the same rules) you usually get a 90 day visa. After 90 days, you can go to Immigration in Zone 4 and get a 90 day extention for about Q150 or $20. After 180 days you have to leave Guatemala for 72 hours. As of the end of June 2006 you can no longer go to Honduras, El Salvador or any other Central American country because of the CAFTA. You must go to Belize, Mexico or beyond.