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Hello all,

My girlfriend (19 yrs) and I (21 yrs) are brand-new, first-time abroad college student travelers, from WA state, USA. We are taking a 3 week trip through Western Europe, from May 13 - June 2. We want to see London, Paris, Rome, Prague, Krakow, and possibly Germany (our flight is roundtrip through London).

My question is basically, is this too much? Is there something we absolutely must see if this is the only time we will be in Europe (at least for awhile)? And the all-important, how can we save money and still enjoy ourselves?

We are both Catholic as well and hope to see some cool pilgrimage sites, possibly meet-up with fellow Catholics on the Continent...any Catholics who could help, or know of good sites to see?

Thanks guys - I just found this site and it seems awesome! (I apologize, and please forgive, any of my newbie mistakes!)


P.S. I'm sure this is in a thread already (I'll search right after posting) - but what gear do we absolutely need to take? Thanks again in advance for all the help!

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Definitly go to Paris, if you want to go to Rome keep in mind its a 15 hour trip between the two. Then getting from Rome into Germany is another long trip. Take you long trips at night as not to waste your days.

Also, check out airfare to Paris, it may be cheaper than the Chunnel.

go to eurail.com and you can get travel times for your destinations.

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Hey Manny,

Welcome to the site! I don't think it's two much in that time - probably about right I'd say. You may want to consider catching a plane from Paris to Rome, because of the distance mentioned. From Rome up to Prague, it might be an idea to train it and stopover in Austria along the way. Take care on trains from Prague to Poland though, I've heard some horror stories about gassings and robberies on the trains into Poland - I'd say these are the absolute exception, but it is worth being somewhat on guard I'd say!

Do a search for 'packing list' in the forum search form and you will find a few tips there:

Also, you can have a look through the packing list we compiled here on the site as well:

Cheers, Peter

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yes airfares to Paris from London are cheaper than the chunnel - but you will waste more time and money gettin to the airports in London - especially the ones easyjet flies out from.

To save money - stay in Eastern Europe :)


You have a roundtrip out of London - that means gettin back to London and then flying out the next day is about 2 days right there. I have done this before and discovered when i was knee deep in Beer Steins in Munich that I wasnt making it back to London in 3 days for my return flight. So either stay in and around western europe - 3 weeks u have time for England - France - Italy (Rome) fly back to London from Rome.

Or do what i did and change your flight out of Central europe (Vienna offers cheap flights back to the States) for example.