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I am planning a trip to Amsterdam for a month and I am looking for the cheapest way to make it happen. We do want to travel to other countries but few and for not very long. I am open to any advice. Places to stay...Apartments to rent... other countries to visit. Thank for any help.


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If you re looking for a cheap and nice place to stay in Amsterdam I strongly recommend you the place where I stood the 2 times I went there: Hans Brinker Budget Hotel - It's really very nice!!

Have a nice trip!

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If you want to stay for one month in A'dam, 2000 USD is plenty for survival level. You can expect to pay 900 USD/month for a cheap hostel bed, but if you stay there for one month, try to get a room in a shared appartment for a bit less in a non-touristy area. If you have a kitchen, you can cook and cut down costs too.

If you want to see more than just A'dam, plan on staying a week in A'dam and go on to see another town of the Netherlands then either Belgium or Germany. Paris is also a popular option.

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$2,000 should see you through Amsterdam easily enough for a month. If you're looking for a 'local' resource [in English] to get up-to-date information on what's available in terms of accomodation then try:
You can subscribe to the weekly newsletters that let you know what's going on and what's available for short-stay rent. Alternatively, you can also have a look at and click on "Netherlands" and then on the left hand side navigation "Discussion Forum" or something along those lines and ask around there as well.

If / when you do come here, buy your basic food necessities from "Dirk van den Broek" [it has a white lettered logo on a red background] to save you cash for other things. You can get everything else from a shop called Albert Heijn [white lettering on a blue background "ah"] - both these shops are easy to find around amsterdam. Anything else you need to know; ask. I live in Amsterdam. :)

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Its posible on 2000 uds i figure. Probably best to cut a deal with a cheap hostel since its very hard to find a cheap appartment in Amsterdam though you could look if there is someone who needs a housesitter for a month though it would be a odd chance.

The cheapest neibourhoods in Amsterdam are probably the north or Noord-Amsterdam and the Bijlmer. The first is across the river and inconvienient the other is potentionaly dangerous at night.

Amsterdam aslo has a camping near Zeebrug. Dont no how much it costs but should be cheaper than a hostel. Its quite a bit out from the city centre though, but you could by a cheap used bike to get around (wich is probaly a good idea where ever you stay).

There are a lot of cheap hostels in the red light district especialy the warmoestraat. expect to pay atleast 15 euros for a dorm.

Cost of living in holand is probably some of the highest in Europe. Cooking yourself would definatly cut the cost. Eating out will cost about 10 euros in a restaurant maybe bit cheaper but unhealtier if you go to a fast food place (snackbar).

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have you checked out Im new to this and that website! but its a really good idea. you get to meet people from all over the world and sometimes they offer you a place to stay...

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If you're going for a month, renting an apt is a good option, even though it is probably slightly more expensive than camping.

That said, stay away from commercial housing agencies!!!. Not a single one of them can be trusted, for a variety of reasons. Check the internet for offers instead (a good, not too commercial website is, they only charge some 5 euros).

Niels (Amsterdam)

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I ran a quick search on that site I mentioned for rooms available over summer with a maximum rent of €500,-, and some 200 rooms popped up, about half of which is nicely located. Have a blast; if you raise your maximum amount, there's obviously much more choice. When summer's over, it's likely going to be harder to find something temporary, as many students sublet their rooms over summer.