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Hello, all:

I've heard lots of negativity about buying a Eurail pass for Croatia, as the train lines and schedules are horrible. People are actually preferring the buses. Anyone have any experience with this? We'll be four people travelling through northern Italy and the Dalmation Coast, and I kind of assumed I'd get us a train pass. What do you think? -griff

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I've been in Croatia in 2003, and I did a guided tour by bus. We did the all coast by bus (right near the islands).
For what I've seen I don't think that train is the best way to know Croatia (I almost didn't see any railway station..). Maybe you're thinking going in train because a question of money, but if you are 4 why not renting a car (sometimes it isn't so expensive as we think), Or going by bus?
I want to come back to Croatia and I want to do it by car, with friends, if we pass near a beautifull island (there are thousands) we just stop and catch the boat, we can go easilly to all the "spots" of the country, we can stop wherever we want.

But what as been said is that the railways tracks that have damaged in the war, have now been repaired. But for example there are no trains for Dubrovnik, and if you think using bus in almost every larger town, there is a bus station (Autobusna Stanica) where tickets are sold and timetables are clearly displayed.

You can see the Croatian Railways site:

Have a nice trip, and than show us your photos of Croatia in travellerspoit :)

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Buses are easier and cheaper in the most part. And also make use of the ferries - Jadrolinja run a number of ferry/hydrofoil services along the coast and to/between teh islands.

Regarding traions, there isn't really a service down the coast - You can go from Zagreb tro Split, with connections to Zadar (one or two a day), but thats it. There is no station near Dubrovnik, Istria has only a couple fo trains a day to Pula and Rijeka (although the later could be useful if you were coming from Slovenia), and the only other costal place with a station is Ploce, from where you can only get two trains a day (ignoring a few locals to the border), and they go into Bosnia

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Getting from Italy to Croatia, your best bet is still a train. However, once you are in Croatia, buses are the best way to go. They are normally cheaper than the trains and the views are something to behold, esp travelling from Split to Dubrovnik.

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I wouldnt say bus is a better way to travel throughout Croatia. It all depends on where you want to go. Travelling from Italy I suppose you will go via Ljubljana to Zagreb and then you will probably want to go to Dalmatia. That means the best way is to go by train to Zagreb and then by train to Split. If you want to go to some other place on the coast, bus is better.
You can check the schedules and info on buses and trains in Croatia at the site of bus station Zagreb and here

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With four people to split the costs I would also consider, renting a small car for a few days. (I know, not very backpackerish, but it gets the job done.) Also it can bring you to places, trains don't go. e.g. You could explore the inland of Istria, instead of staying on the coast.

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