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does anyone here have recommendations in terms of diving school around the east coast in oz? i'm gonna be there from end june- beg august so in the coldest months (goddamn!) which means it might be a bit cold?
have seen Quicksilver Dive in Cairns, quite pricey tho ($535AUD) but might be worth it? Seen a different one in Byron Bay for basically HALF that... anyone else got any recommendations? i'm hoping to do OWD certificate, so want to get plenty of dives in...
cheers all!

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Hey Suzzy,

For diving winter isn't actually such a bad time. Cairns is in the tropics, so seasons there are divided by wet and dry rather than winter and summer. You shouldn't be feeling cold in Cairns at any time of the year. Considering that is probably the best spot to find diving programs, etc.. (someone who actually knows about diving might correct me), you won't have such a problem. For more on Australian weather, you should have a look over a thread from a few days back:

Cheers, Peter

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I've never dived in Aussie but i'm pretty sure with you coming from the UK, the water should be fine in the winter.:)
And as Pater said it's in the tropics so it would probably be 18deg probably even more.


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The water temperature would be fine in Cairns and around Byron Bay for a diving course. In Victoria the water is fairly cold. I did my diving course in Victoria and, even in summer, it got preety cold after you had been down for a little while. One thing you need to check on if you want to dive/snorkel/swim in queensland, particularly, far north qld is whether you will be allowed to at the time of the year you want to travel. Jellyfish and stingers are a big problem up there for certain months of the year and the beach is off limits. I don't know if this relates to diving if you go out to the islands/barrier reef of if it only applies if you are just off the mainland coast. Having said that, diving and even just snorkelling on the barrier reef if absolutely fantastic. One of the best things I have ever done. Even if you decide on the cheaper course in Byron Bay make an effort to get up to far north qld to do some diving afterwards.