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I am going on my second trip to Europe and plan to spend a large portion of the time in Eastern Europe. I am going with a friend and our goals are as follows - Have a good time via clubbing & meeting people as well as see some interesting sights. I am more interested in meeting locals and other travelers but, do love to site see. We are primarily interested in Nightlife but, would like to go to a city with interesting things to do during the day. We do not want to rush around and would like to spend 3-5 days in each city unless the city requires less time.

The trip is 8 weeks long and includes parts of western europe, athens & the greek isles, istanbul, and parts of Croatia. I have already included a return to Prague (I studied abroad there) and a trip to Budapest. I have already been to Krakow and now have about three weeks to go from the Prague-Budapest area down to the Greece-Turkey area. I was wondering what are some of the must or interesting cities in this region. I am looking for a list of some interesting cities so I can then research them and ask about them during the earlier parts of my travels.

I also would like some aditional info about Croatia, we were planning on visiting the capital or Split as well as an island or so (Pag), does this seem like a good idea. As far as Greece we are planning to see Athens for a day or so and then go to Corfu as well as 1 additional island, any thoughts on this plan. We thought about going up to the Balkan region but, decided to save that for another trip to Scandinavia, is this a mistake.

Thanks for your help in advance, and happy travels.

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Hello there.

I live in Sarajevo and would recommend it as a really interesting place to see. There are lots of clubs here and I'm sure you'll meet some very interesting people (locals as well as other travelers, of which the city is full at this time of the year). As for day activities, there are some interesting places to see in the city itself (like some buildings from the Ottoman Empire, the Old Town Bascarsija, a few castles, the famous Tunnel which helped the city to survive the last siege 1992-1995) and some near the city (the sigh of the first Europen Pyramid in Visoko, other old towns like Travnik, Mostar with its famous Old Bridge - one of the Unesco Herritage sites, villages in the mountais, Medjugorje - if you are Christian) and probably many more places I cannot remember right now. Some of the links to get you interested:

As of Croatia, I have been to many places on the seaside. If you plan to go there you shouldn't miss Dubrovnik. Split is very nice too, but it is like a little Dubrovnik in some ways. There is also a nice beach-clubbing place called Baska Voda (between Makarska and Split) with cheap private accommodation. My favourite island is Vis - the old British island. There are nice clubs over there, and many English and Italian tourists. Hvar and Brac are nice too, Hvar being a little more popular because of its history and Brac beacuse of its sand beach Zlatni Rat. I don't have any links for these places, I'm sure you'll find many about Dubrovnik and little about Vis, but if you're interested I can e-mail you some photos.

I hope I have been of some help to you. Any additional questions are welcome. :)

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Thanks for the tips and we have definately added Sarajevo to the list. We plan to spend about 4-5 days there. I have heard great things about the night life and im sure it will be one of the highlight of our trip.

Its good to get some local reccommendations so thanks for the advice. Is there anything you would reccommend that may not be in a guidebook.