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1. Posted by jasminasab (Budding Member 41 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi all.

My boyfriend and I would like to take a trip to Andalucia (7-10 days). We haven't planned itinerary yet. Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada and maybe Malaga (if we manage) are on our To Visit list. We have no idea which transportation to use, where to start and how to syncronise it all, cause we never planned a trip on our own before.

We actually wanted to use a travel agency, but those in our country (Bosnia&Herzegovina) don't offer anything good. So, any travel agency with cheap prices is another thing we might be looking for.

Any help, ideas and advices are welcome. :)

2. Posted by saborosa (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


Can you give us some more information on the sorts of experiences you are interested in. Why are you going to Andalucia and why have you chosen these places?

Are you interested in art and architecture, history, old churches, good food, nightlife, music....? For a good combination of all these I'd go for Sevilla and Granada.

Getting around will be much easier if you hire a car to get from place to place- but you

If you are happy driving, hiring a car to get from place to place is the easiest option in many ways - you have more freedom and flexibility. But you won't want to use it within the cities themselves. You are best either walking or using public transport in the cities. It is quite easy to use public transport (bus or train) to get from city to city, too, but it can be slower than driving and is not as convenient.

Check out the destinations cities pages on for information on transport, sights etc:


If you can post with some more specific questions, it will help people to help you better. But I know it's difficult when you don't know where to begin!

3. Posted by NNicolaou (Budding Member 38 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi !
I just arrived from a 12- day trip to spain with my wife.
It was brilliant!!
We landed in Madrid and from there we used trains and buses to go to toledo, cordoba, granada, malaga and seville. From Seville we took a plane to barcelona and then back home.
Regarding andalusia you can move from city to city by train very easy and realtively cheap ( eg 20 euros, but sometimes is more expensive like from madrid to cordoba it was 50 euro - we just appeared at the train station whenever we wanted to continue our trip and we catched the next train to our destination. Distances in andalusia are not big if you travel by train ( 2-3 hours). Also sometimes u can also use the bus which is cheaper and also reliable. Dont plan too much, Spain attracts 50 million tourists per year and believe me it is very organised regarding transportation between cities or within cities. Also we in andalousia we found hostels in the centers of the cities very easy and very good prices (eg double room, private bathroom, aircondition, city center 40 euros per night)
Andalousia is great everywhere but i really like cordoba which i consider more traditional. Granada was not as good as other places except from the Alambra which is a must.

4. Posted by yolandac8 (Full Member 159 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hello Jasmina!!!!

I can't add much to what they have suggested you already.
Just check these sites for transportation in Spain: (bus) (train)

As NIcolau says, it is very easy to access main cities in Andalusia by bus or train. You shouldn't miss Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada. Other less known but as beautiful as these, are Ronda (small white village in the interior of Malaga province), Grazalema or Úbeda in the province of Jaen. Malaga city is also a nice place... But it depends on what you like doing. All cities are very historical and cultural, so you may get fet up with all that for many days. Relaxing is a must, although you won't get stressed in these places, it is nothing like big cosmopolitan cities you may know.

Just enjoy, and as they told you. Don't plan to much, it is quite easy to travel day by day.

Have a great trip!!!!!

5. Posted by jasminasab (Budding Member 41 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Wow, I'm really amazed how quick and useful information I got from you guys. Thanks everyone.

I'm going to look at these links and ideas and I'll let you know of my plans.

I would love if I didn't have to plan anything, but I have two reasons to do so. First, my boyfriend likes everything planned. And second, and more important one, I need a visa to get to Spain, and to get visa I have to provide information about reserved accommodation. But as I realized after visiting some more tourist agencies (after my first post in this thread) that they're only tring to rip off some money.

Now about some questions I can answer right now...
What sort of experiences am I interested in?
History and architecture are the first on the list, with the accent on Arabic things. Alhambra, obviously, is a must.
I'd also like to see some out-of-regular-touristic-routes places, where I can experience real Andalucian soul.
I'd like to taste some nice dishes, those traditional ones that people really eat over there, not just those they offer to tourists.
We're not much into clubbing but we both love Spanish music, so if you could recommend one or two places with good music but intimate, romantic atmosphere would be great.
We'd like to stay in a nice, clean, quiet room where we can have some privacy. Other than that, we don't need any luxury. This is supposed to be a romantic trip where my boyfriend is going to buy me The Ring ;) so we're going to look for some nice jewelry shop too.

By now, I'm almost certain that we'll arrive by plane (Madrid is the most probable starting destination cause most of you recommended it).

I have a feeling that this is too long post and that it might sound stupid that I don't know anything about anything. But since you all have positively surprised me the first time, I trust you'll be willing to help me as much as you can. Anyway, I'll look into the suggestions and post anything new I come up with and all new ideas in the meantime are welcome.