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11. Posted by mtlgal (Full Member 1179 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Quoting jasminasab

Thanks guys.

You've really helped me with those nice words, especially mtlgal (you understood me perfectly I believe :)).

I've been there my dear, so I do understand you perfectly. :) Here is a GAP tour to Andalucia: http://www.gapadventures.com/tour/SMA?utm_id=120 GAP is an excellent company; I can't recommend them enough. You'd be in great company! I had a blast with them in Central America. Good luck and don't forget to tell us about it when you come back!

12. Posted by mandylou4u (Budding Member 73 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi hun, I'm in a similar situation. My other half is in debt and has half-heartedly told me he will come travelling with me next April. Thing is I came to my senses last week I've decided to go in Sept alone (not an easy decision to make) but I think it's best for both of us if I do. I won't resent him for not going and it means he can think about paying off his debt and what he's missing out on. Do it for yourself and enjoy every second of it. If it's meant to be he'll wait for you until you get back or he could even meet you at a later stage. My other half might be coming to meet me in Melbourne for a couple of weeks! Follow your dreams and if he doesn't follow or respect them with you you know your answer. Good luck sh**ing it myself!!!!xxxxxxxxx

13. Posted by rach8645 (Inactive 62 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Please ask yourself these questions:

Do you love your partner?

Is he the one you want to grow old with?

If they are yes than ask him them too and he says yes than he must love you - traveller in you and all so he has to compromise or go.

I had similar thoughts myself with this lad who I was going to stop my plans for but now he's accepted that I am my own person and we get on so much better for it.

Seriously at our age it's not old and you dont have to settle down with him - go by yourself for a month or so. Seriously. If hes the one he'll wait...

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