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Me and my Boyfriend are moving out to Sydney in October on a 12 month working visa with the hope of staying longer. We have family in Sydney who we will be staying with for the first month but after that we would like to get our own place.

Where's the best place to be? I want to be near a beach (no more than 5-10 minutes walk away) and it has to be comutable to the City as we are hoping to have jobs there, but not too expensive! We are looking to pay $250 - $350 a week between the two of us for a furnished 1 or 2 bed place.

Any suggestions greatly received!!


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there are a couple of websites that might be able to help you.
1. www.ljhooker.com
2. www.mcgrath.com.au
3. www.domain.com.au
if you want to live near the beach it will cost more than anywhere else but if you go to those sites you can see how much rent is per week. but 250 - 350 should be very do-able (if thats a word).
bondi beach seems to be the most popular with working tourists. but you could also try manly or cronulla.
i dont know how easy it is to find furnished apartments... but you can click it as a search option on the L J Hooker website i think. or furnature can be prity cheap to pick up at places vinnies and then you can donate it back to charity when your done with it.
if your here for a year though, make sure you do a few weekend trips to places like queensland and melbourne.
anyway, sydney is awesome so have fun! :)
hope this helps.....

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yeh id have to agree with dannib... bondi is good aswel as manly and cronulla and maybe palm beach

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5-10 minute walk from the beach but commutable to the city. Realistically, that leaves:

- Dee Why
- Curl Curl
- Manly
- Bondi
- Bronte
- Tamarama
- Coogee
- Maroubra

You could do Cronulla, but it's a fair trip to the city - although there is a direct train line from there.

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i'd definitely say bondi beach is your best bet. its probably the cheapest beach suburb, the closest to the city, and there's loads of people out for a laugh.

manly is good but if you are out in the city at night it is a long way home in a taxi ($40)

bronte and tamarama are great if you want to be by the sea but fancy the quiet life, bit more pricey though.

coogee is alright but it has no surf!

any other beach is going to be a long commute to the city, about an hour

www.domain.com.au is the best as it has all the different estate agents


most properties are unfurnished in Australia, but you never know you might be lucky.

good luck!