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1. Posted by betholla (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Can anybody help me out with some suggestions on where is an awesome place to spend NYE in South America. Also, if anyone just has some other info on awesome thing to do there pls let me know. One more thing I'm curious about is the money needed for it all. Any help would be great!!!

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I am going back to SA early November, and I think I’ll do the New Year in Buenos Aires. Last time I was there did I have the impression of that it was a great city spending the holidays in because of the plenty opportunities for having a great party.

I was in SA for about 4 month and I had a budget about 2800 dollars, and I lived like a king!

If you need any other information don’t hesitate of writing me, maybe I can help you out.


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I rather enjoyed myself in Montevideo, Uruguay on New Year's Eve DAY. In Montevideo, young people (20's & 30's or so) celebrate in the middle of the day in Montevideo's old town, especially around the market down by the docks. Insanely fun puts it mildly - expect to get soaked by flying "cidre" or hard-apple cider. People also throw water balloons and buckets of water from second story windows at people on the sidewalk. I think the late afternoon and evening get quiet, however, because most people celebrate New Year's eve with their families (which is what I did.) If I could do it again, I'd spend the middle of New Year's Eve day in Montevideo, catch the Buquebus to BA and party away the rest of the night. Might be a bit extreme on the wallet and the liver, however. You can read about my experience at, go to page 2, and select the entry Jan 1, 05 "New Years Eve in Uruguay."

Regarding money to bring, I lived on apx. $1,000/month for 11 months. Some months were cheaper (when I was living on a farm in Ecuador) and some were pricey (hiking to Machu Pichu in Peru or trip to the Galapagos). I didn't live like a king like Everett did, but I wasn't uncomfortable by any stretch.

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Machu Piccu would be a pretty cool place to be on NYE, I think. Or maybe, Ushuaia! Although, if you are looking for some serious party atmostphere then i´m sure Buenos Aires or Rio might be better.

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My vote is for Valparaiso, Chile on New Year's eve. Take one of the party boats out into the harbour to watch the fireworks which are the best I've ever seen. Each person gets a box lunch and brown bag, noisemakers etc. There was enough sunshine in the brown bag to last a month! You get to meet people from all over the world as well as the local Chileans. It's one of those must do things at least once in your life. Apart from the fireworks, the most amazing sight was the dozens of small, brightly lit party boats sailing past massive anchored warships. After midnight, go ashore and the whole city is partying. It was unforgettable. Oh...and the local police were exceptional if you needed any help. They were on duty but not 'in your face'.

Belize Me

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I absolutely hated Buenos Aires during new year. All locals go to their families (you're usually not invited), and the city's too big to find other foreigners. I reckon Cusco is a much better option; also heard very good stories about Salta (Argentina).

Niels (Amsterdam)

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