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I just arrived to Manila Philippines and i'll be here til Sunday (June 25th) anyone have any suggestions on what to do here?

I've been here many times, but always with friends, this time I am totally alone.

Any good clubs or bars or nightlife? What about shows? Anything that is a MUST SEE?


2. Posted by zachary (Respected Member 471 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

bump, anyone? anyone? pls help, i want to see do something worth remember :)

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In Manila take a look at the new "Mall of Asia" on Roxas blvd. This is supposed to be the third largest mall in the world. To get there use an air/con meter taxi to get there, only pay the meter price or try to figure out how to get a cheap Jeepney. Meter price from around the Cherry Blossom Hotel is around 80 pisos to 120 pisos.

My favorite pub is the "G Point Pub" on Padre Faura, Ermita area. Sometimes referred to as the "G Spot" Pub. Good food, daily specials on food and select beers and drinks. Not far from the Robinson Mall. This G Point Pub has a webpage that offers some cheaper accomodation and excursions. Lots of girls at night time, okay "all you can eat" buffet around noontime.

I have been to the P.I several times over the past 10 years. In Manila I usually stay in the Ermita area, not far from the Swagman Hotel and U.S. Embassy. Lots of welcome changes in this area over the last year. An effort was made to install thousands of new lights on most of the streets, sidewalks have been cleaned up a lot, I feel a lot safer walking around late at night than just a 13 months ago. Even the meters in the taxi cabs seem to be working correctly again!

Hop on the LRT, overhead rapid transit system, and stop at the Careido stop. Just a few years ago this was a smelly, traffic jam of Jeepneys and busses - now this is a pleasant walking street with hundreds of shops and stores.

If you want to lose some money try out one of the Casinos. There is a dress code (long pants and shirt.) I stop in and try to get one of the simpler slot machines, if I can pry one of the old women off the seat where they seem to have taken root like an oak tree! They will change money over to pisos after hours, weekends, holidays safer than any of the hundreds of money changer places (rate was good too!)

I stop in at Angeles City/Dau every year or two (old Clark Air Force base area.) Clark Field is now a regional airport with several discount airlines using it. A good pub there is the Margarita Station (they have a web page too,) cheap eats, cheap beer, internet, laundry, and cashing Trav. Checks. Other than bars, a casino, cheap hotels and nightlife there's not a lot else around there (two bus stations Dau and Angeles City, Dau is closest to Clark. Angeles and Subic were some of my favorite haunts when I was in the Navy.)

Good luck.

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whoa! very thourough info, i appreciate it!!!!!!!!

yes i go to angels city sometimes, really "neat" place lol i plan to go within a few weeks actually

i'm gonna check out some of those places you mentioned tho, thanks a lot for the info :)