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1. Posted by gogsy19 (Budding Member 18 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi. im currently planning my trip to europe, i have a budget of around 5100 euroes, im taking my tent with me as well. the main countries at the moment i would like to see are netherlands, austria possibly italy but hear its very expensive for hostels, slovenia and croatia. I have alsway wanted to visit lithuania, latvia and estonia but not sure if it will be feasible. Can anyone tell me how long they think i could last on this budget and if there are any other suggestions on where to go that i may have overlooked. I was desperate to make it to morroco first but not sure how low long from france where i first arrive by boat to the port to cross into morroco.

Sorry for the long post any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated



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It depends where you're going but I always budget about 50 Euros a day so I guess that would make for 100 days! With a budget of 5000 Euros I would think that the resource which would run out quickest would be time to be honest, if you want to do a trip up to 3 months and do it on a strict budget I think that is technically possible with 5000 Euros but I'd do one for a bit less time if it were me (not to mention that my work would never allow me to have 3 months off :( ). If you did a month and a half or even two months then 5000 Euros would go a long way.

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Hi, thats gave me a fair idea of what to look at time wise, i was looking at about 2-2 and a half months. Would this budget be enough for about 2months including going out at night, sightseeing and so on. Thanks for any replies i appreciate them all.

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With a budget like yours there's no reason for any worries, not even in expensive old Holland.

50 euros a day is really VERY limited, though, and impossible if that includes transportation... you might pull that off in Lithuania and Croatia, but you'd definitely need more in Italy and the Netherlands. Austria's all right, pricewise.

Going out is tricky; in Amsterdam, you'd need at least 50 euros for a night out (20-30 to get in a fancy club, plus 4 for every beer you drink. Double the budget when on cocktails.). I'd advice against it. Museums, tours and other touristy things like bicycle rent also cost you.

I'm afraid this doesn't help much, but maybe Blank is a bit too optimistic... better budget on 75 a day, I think that's more realistic.


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Fair point I am a bit of a Nazi when it comes to budgets, I've lived on 50 Euros a day for a month though so it is possible, you just need to get rid of all that needless stuff like food, comfort and fun! ;)

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budget, places to see and suggestions ??

Check out the Baltic Countrys !! I just got back and loved the places. A half liter beer for aprox. € 1.- and complete dinner was aprox. € 8.-. A night in a hostel was aprox. € 10.- (most including breakfast) and for museums and other sights it is free or very cheap aprox €1.- -> €2.-

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I budgeted about 50 euros a day too, but I had an Interrail pass so the budget was not including transport. It might have been a little more than 50 euros in bigger cities like Paris and Rome, but not much more.

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I don't know if I am the cheapest person alive but I could budget waaaay longer on 5000 euros. i would saw 1/2 a year. but thats me and i am a cheap b**tard and would buy groceries tha last for awile. mr noodles will become your staple diet.

i think maybe go to spain and cross around there. cheaper ferries across then from france.

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I have just been to Belarus and some Baltic countries and I was impressed by the number of places to see, scenic countryside and service.
Belarus can boast higher living standards (compared with Lithuania for ex.) and its unspoilt nature.
Place to see in Belarus: Minsk, Vitebsk (Marc Chagall museum) and Riga and Ventspils in Latvia.
The prices are rock-bottom everywhere.
The invitation there was operated really quickly and the service was impeccable.