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My name is Adam from England and I am planning on cruising away next year for a tour of Europe and beyond and am looking for a travel buddy, female or male. Loose plans at the moment but I plan to be away for 6+ months leaving Feb/march 05, depending on how it goes.
VW diesel camper, converted to run on new or used vegetable oil, so running costs will be very low. I have excellent mechanical skills and will know the van quite well by the time we go!

I have travelled lots before, the usual route, Asia, New Zealand Oz etc etc, but want something different. just get on the road and take it easy, Latvia, Germany, France, Greece, Israel?, who knows. Prefer a European as working will be easier but am open minded, as I expect the other person to be as well as easy going and straight talking.

Like I said, very loose plans at the momemt and I may go even earlier in 2004 who knows.

take care!

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Hey. Got your plans figured out yet? 2004 or 2005? And is that really possible - to have the van run on vegetable oil? Seems weird. Be in touch. Lindsay.

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Give me a shout, I just wanna get away I've had enough here in Birmingham and feel the need for travel and serious fun, I want to do the world(work and travel) starting in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North and south America, E-mail me