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okay im going to london,paris,rome,and venice. Im spending around 1000 dollars for hostels which ive booked already. Im guessing another 5-700 dollars for food. How much do you think i will need for going to the touristy places ie:Eiffel tower,vaticans,all the regular places which everyone goes in these places?? Just wondering how much i will need to go out to all th3ese places. Im travelling for eactly 14 days. thanks so much. Also a budget per day would be really cool too

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For the eiffel tower you have two options
taking the lift to the top 11 euros
or taking the stairs to the top 3.80 euros.

I always take the stairs and it´s quite easy to do as long as you have water with you.
The Louvre is a bit expensive but if you are interested only in something special for example the Mona lisa you can get a ticket only for this portion.
Going to the Sacre coeur, strolling around the painters, having a look at the grapes which make the Montmartre wine all this for free.
A really good stroll is going from the eiffel Tower to Notre Dame following the riverside.

London is quite expensive for everything included the touristy stuff.
However the Bristish Museum is free of charge so you can see there what you did not afford in the Louvres (except mona lisa ) But if you like the egyptian artefacts go for the bristish.
Madam Tussaud and the tower of London are the two most expensive sites but you can go to greenwich (south east london) and see the meridian line for free as for Buckimgam palace outside is plenty get there early and watch the changing of the guards is free as well.

A stroll in the city (CBD of London) will be nice, have a look at the Liverpool station where the first Mission impossible was filmed. The Lloyd building was one of the most modern building at its time. Having a beer when all the brokers get out of work (Try the Pumphouse in Fenchurch street) For about 5 pounds you can do the Jack the ripper walk, it´s excellent, worse any cents.

Sorry for Italy I cant help but if you need any more plans drop me a line.

Am not sure about budget but as you have the hotel booked and paid I will say about 30 euros will be plenty in France and about 30 pounds for London. With this budget you wont have a big night out


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