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Can someone please help

I'm going to travel around China for the first time either this year or next and was wondering if the list below is too much for 2 months

Beijing seeing - the Forbidden City/Walking Tour of the Back Lakes/Ming Tombs

Chengde - 8 outer temples

Dongbei - Bei Ling

Harbin - Zhongnuang Dajie/Shurg Suoteiya Jiatang

Manzhouli - Hulum Buir/Grasslands

Pingyao - Qiao Jia Daguan/Wang Fanily Courtyard/Yi Yusn Vingar A/Tian Yuan Kui

Taiyuan - Jin Gi

Xian - Ba Xian/Temple of 8 mortals

Shanxi - Lishi/Shanghai Museum

Dong Lian - Terracotta Warriror

Tianshui - Maji Shan Shiku

Xiathe (Lonbrong) - Labrang Monastery

Langmu Si (Taktsang (home)

Jiya Guan - Fort

Dunhuan - Singing Sad Mountains and Cresscent Mon/Macao Caves

Turpun - Jiaho/Yarkhato


Khatin - Market

Luoyang - Dragon Gate Grottoes/Han Tombs

Tai Shan - Great Mountain/Dan Miao

Qufu - Cafucius Templ/Mansion/Forrest

Qingdao - Guest House

Nanjing - Presidential Palace/Zhongshan Ling/ming Tomb/Nanjing Museum

Yangzhou - Gardens/He Yuan/Dynasty Tombs


Li Juang - YuHu/Snow Mountains/Lugu Lake

Dazu - buddhist grottoes/Baoding shan

Yushu - Mani Ski Cheng

Lhasa - Potala/Jokhong Temple/Jow Rinpoche/Samye Monastery/ Potala Palace.Namtso Lake

Sakya - Gyantse/Konbum

Huang Shan - Yellow Mountain

Shanghai - Shanghai Bowuguan/History Museum/Urban Planning Centre/Jin Mao Tower/Peace Hotel

Hangzhou - Island of Small Seas

Quanzhou - Walls of Chang Woo

Ghuangzhou - Leaning Towers of Kaipieng

Hog Kong - History Museum/Wang Tain Sin

Macawu - Musuem/Temple of A Ma

Yangshuo - Xingping/Jade Dragon River

Sakya - Monastery

Too much I know - how much do you think I'd get through in 2 months? I can extend my stay to 3 if needs be.

Many thanks

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Wow, I think you might be over doing it there.
I'm thinking that you can shorten the list by at least 50%.

You can't cover the entire China in 2 months. Perhaps a few regions at most.

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You amazed me by knowing so many city in China.I think it is too much place for you in 2 month, you'd better shorten your travel, you can divide your trip to some parts:
1 BeiJing,qing dao, chengde
2 huangshan, nanjing,suzhou,shanghai( including some small village near shanghai),hangzhou
3 xi'an--tian shui---dunhuang
4 jiu zai gou---yun nan province,
5 Tibet
6 hai nan, hongkong,marcao

I am not specialist in travelling, I just show you the famous city in China, you can select some you like, but not too much ,otherwise you will tied of the trip.

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Thanks for the posts. I will definately rethink my trip - I would probably need 12 months for all of the places listed.

Thanks again.:)