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I'm just starting to get my clothes together for my upcoming RTW trip (July), starting in Russia, into Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Aus, NZ, Fiji, then USA. For the most part, I'll be in a pretty warm climate (though I'll be in Aus+NZ from the middle of Feb until middle of May).

I'm just wondering on clothing, this is what I've got down on my list so far:

2 Pairs of trousers (Though I'm thinking just one? I've got some North Face travel type)
1 Pair of jeans
1 Microfleece for AC journeys
1 Long sleeve shirt
2 Short sleeve shirts
3 T-Shirts
2 Shorts
5 pairs of boxers
1 pair of breathable, lightweight travel trainers (+socks)

I've been to Thailand a couple of times and you can almost get away with a pair of flip-flops and a few other things there, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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whats a trouser?

bathing suit

flip flops for sick ass hostel bathrooms
and anywhere beachy in general.

waterproof jacket

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Seems like a good list! :)

I just wish I had listened to people´s advice when they told me to take virtually nothing with me. Ended up chucking and posting so much stuff back home. Leave with a half full backpack, because you will buy new things along the way. You never need as much as you think you do.

One thing that I didnt really think of were some "going out" shoes. All I brought were my flip-flops and my boots...ended up buying a little pair of strappy things for nights out. Always handy because a lot of clubs in bigger cities wont let you in with flip-flops.

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Hi neil,

That´s true dont forget your strappy glittering shoes!!!!!

One pair of trouser(=pants) and one jean will be plenty. Or may be the second pair of trouser is matching your going out shoes.

Very important the rain jacket that you can fold. Take a really small place but can be very useful especially now the rainy season is coming up.

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I'd strongly recomend dumping the jeans. Most places you will be it will be simply too hot for them. You'll be in shorts most of the time anyway. In addition, Jeans are heavy, bulky and take ages to dry. If your thinking of them for OZ/NZ, you'd probably be much better off buying a pair when you get there, rather than carrying them around for months beforehand.

I'd actually also advise AGAINST the waterproof. Simply because the ones you will get here will be too thick for the places you will be. They aren't designed really for tropical climes, so your best bet is to buy a cheap one (they sell really lightweight and breathable almost disposable poncho type things in most of Asia) which are designed for the local rain/temps

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Thanks for all the advice.

Things I missed off my first list which were mentioned:

Waterproof jackets- I've got a lightweight smock (Montane) which packs down to the size of an apple and is breathable so I'm going to take that.

As for the jeans, I'm going to take them as I find it difficult enough to find jeans to fit me in this country nevermind in asia! (I'm 6'6" and need a 36" leg.......big boy ;) )