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Mobile handset that's like a good camera, ipod and quad-band all in one

Hi, i'm looking to buy a new Nokia (unless someone can convince me otherwise) multi-use handphone. By multi-use, I mean specifically, DIGITAL CAMERA, MP3 PLAYER and TRI/QUAD-BAND telephone - ALL IN ONE PRODUCT.

I'm thinking NOKIA 3250,,85469,00.html

but that's only because I saw an ad.

I'm in China now (but I think it's too expensive), to buy such a phone here, so my question is about getting "the right phone" in HONG KONG.

What model (aside from the 3250), would you recommend for someone who has GIGABYTES of music, takes LOADS of pictures and TRAVELS constantly (sometimes to different continents).

- that can play my MP3z (and store them) - 5GB (though I'll settle for less)
- take clear, beautiful digital pictures (and via USB upload them to computer)
- be operable in different countries with relative ease (unlocked network, easy SIM card swapping)

I'm a traveller, so my budget is limited, but I'll take the model that's economical (if I can).

HOW MUCH would such a phone go for in HONG KONG?

Would it absolutely have to be the NOKIA 3250 (or are there older (less costly) alternatives that present or former owners can vouch for?

REMEMBER, one phone - 3 uses.

Thanks in advance for your model recommendations, prices and locations (in Hong Kong) to go shopping :):)


What's a good site that displays the world's operable mobile frequency/GSM zones? (for example, which countries fall under the 800mhz, which under the 1900mhz, etc...) This would help me a lot as I travel.

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if you've got the cash go for Nokia Nseries; there are a couple (N90 and N93?) that are optimised for imaging: carl zeiss lenses, take really good photos.

they arent cheap though.

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Nokia N-series are the way to go, but you're going to have to compromise even with them; some are optimised for photos/video (n73), others for music (n91). I have an n80, which has a good camera (3MP), excellent file management and upload (it also has wi-fi so you can upload from a hotspot), but, its not a harddisk phone and you have to use mini SD cards for storage (these are pretty cheap though). The n91 on the other hand has a 4MB harddisk but a less effective (2MP) camera.

I don't think it will be that cheap; sim-free in the UK an N80 costs about £400, and the earlier n70 about £300, so I'd guess it would be about half to two-thirds that price in HK.

As yet I don't think anyone has a phone on the market that does everything you ask; they're all compromised one way or another.