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We are travelling to Croatia at the end of may for 20 days. Our planed is to travel from Zagreb to Dubrovnik and stop at Pletvice. And go northen by the cost, following our rute plane we have 2 days to visit an island but we do not know wich one. Havar seems to be really nice, but we have read that Korkula is one of the most beautiful island in the word, Brack seems to be nice too.
Can anyone help to decide?

One more question we have book a room for the first 2 nights in Zagreb but not for the rest of our trip. We would like to stay at private houses, Does anyone know if it is possible in Croatia to find this kind of accommodation and how much do they cost?

Thanks in advance,

Aitor & MarĂ­a

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I have plans for a trip to Dubrovnik at the end of this month. My trip will begin in Rome (one night), train to Bari, overnight ferry to Dubrovnik on Jadrolinija Lines. They also run a ferry starting in northern Croatia (close to Slovenia) with many port stops (Split, Zadar, numerous islands). There are plenty of privately owned residence to book a room in the coastal areas. The great news is that May is considered to be a low-season travel time! These are very helpful sites for finding accomdations:,,, Of course there are always hostels. That was my original intent until I read the sporatic ratings for the one in Dubrovnik. It seems to be hit or miss because they use multiple establishments. So, I am renting a room in a privately owned house.

A rail system is not really feesable right now. There is a coach/bus line, but the ferry is supposed to be a better view though a little longer travel time. Here is the web site for Jadrolinija Every contact I have had with them has been very helpful and friendly. They were recommended to me and their ships seem to be in good condition.

Just a little more info... The Dubrovnik International Film Festival is the last weekend in May. It is still small, only its second year. That was one reason for the timing of my trip. If you are interested in taking side trips to Mostar, Sarajevo, or Montenegro, there are coach lines available.

Hope you have a great trip!! I would like to compare stories and photos!


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I am also traveling to Croatia in less than two weeks! I have posted a couple of great web sites for you all.


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Hey ya'll,

Im going on a roadtrip to croatia aswell (Istria actually). Quite helpfull to visit the pages you all recommanded. I checked out the links posted on this forum, but I couldn't find any specific details about cool spots where back-packers gather. We are really looking for some great admosphere, rather then the usuall site-seeing. Any tips, experiences? Thanx


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Yes it is easy to find a room anywhere in Croatia. We were there for over 46 days ( lost count after that) last August and September and had a wonderful time. We saw Korcula and Hvar and quite a few other islands, hard to say which one to go to. Read about both and look at pics to see which one appeals most to you.

They are both wonderful, although I would not say that Korcula is one of the most beautiful islands in the world ( nor would I say that Capri is which also claims that title). What we liked most about Korcula was the famous sword dance that is a must see and only done on certain days, also the Marco Polo house is cool. ( Hvar does not have those things but is a pretty happening kind of place).

We stayed in rooms in both Korcula and Capri for about 20 to 30 euros. We did not book anything for Hvar and just found something once we got off the ferry ( lots of people with signs). There are signs for rooms all over croatia and certainly by every tourist place. The one we stayed at in Korcula was particularly nice, but book ahead because it is very popular ( fodor and Rick steve recommend).

You can find more info and pics on our website ( where we have our trip reports in the blog section, go to the bottom and click on archives for Croatia last August/sept.

A daytrip to bay of Kotor in Montenegro is fantastic so I would look into that. We found that and Plitvice, Dubrovnik, Rovinj the highlights for us as well as the islands. The drive from Split to Dubrovnik is spectacular and pristine.

Have fun!