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I am planning my RTW trip at the mo trying to decide where to go! So far my route is as follows!

Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand - Bali - Australia - Fiji - Australia - New Zealand - India

The later stages of the trip are a little undecided but those are some of the places I would like to visit!

Does anyone have any advice on travelling between these countries? From the threads I have read it seems easy to get around Thailand Vietnam Laos and Cambodia! But what is the best way to get from Thailand to Bali? I was planning on heading back to Bangkok from Cambodia then heading for some beaches in southern Thailand, from there I would like to head down to Bali! Is this possible? Or would I have to go back up to Bangkok?

I also wanted some advice on travel dates - I want to go asap, July being the earliest possible date but I have been told this is monsoon season so would it be better to wait until end of August early September?

Also I am heading off alone so if anyone likes the sound of my RTW trip get in touch maybe we could join forces!


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Hey Matt,

Depending on when you are leaving, you may be able to be one of the first to catch the Backpacker's Xpress from Manchester to Melbourne (with stops in Delhi and Bangkok). Basically, it is a hop-on, hop-off kind of system and very cheap from what I saw at the Melbourne Expo a month or two ago. of course, it may not exist when you're going yet :)

it may be worth considering flying from Fiji to India, rather than going back and forth from Australia. The reason I say this is because there are lots of Indians in Fiji (somewhere like half the population), so I imagine they might have some cheap flights from there. Making a round trip out of Australia will of course also add to your price, so I would consider against that if at all possible.

Good luck with the planning and welcome to the site :)


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What an exciting trip!!
I'm in NZ and I agree with Peter- forget back and forthing to Oz.

There are alot of Pacific Islanders in New Zealand so its really cheap to fly to the islands now from NZ.
There are always specials to Fiji-under $NZ500 (170 poundsish) return (and sometimes accomodation). But even cheaper as part of a RTW trip I'd imagine.

Good Luck and Have Fun!