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1. Posted by funnygirl (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I need help. Dont know where to stay Im drivin up to CAnada in a couple of weeks.. And I wait till the last min to look for a place to stay... First trip ever by myself..

Toronto.. I have a online of online friends that live in Canada.. Here are the areas they live in or around... keswick, Pickering, Oshawa and Omemee.. Like to be close to those areas if possible.. My budget is small , so was looking for the lowest price place to stay, thats not bad.. That is very hard to find if you dont know what the area is like. I started lookin at hotels and was blow away at the prices and then I seen the prices for the hostels.. This is my first trip alone, kinda scary. lol But I like to have some money to do things..

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Hello funnygirl, first of all...these 4 cities are all outside Toronto, I don't even think they are part of the GTA (Greater Toronto area) but maybe someone from Toronto can correct me. But there is hope. Pickering and Oshawa are your best bets, as they have easy GO Train connections (link: to Toronto.

If you have a car for the whole time there (and don't mind driving), it will take about 30mins to drive from Pickering, and about 45mins from Oshawa (if traffic is good!). On the train add maybe 15 mins to those times.

Keswick is about 1 hour by car on Lake Simcoe, and Omemee is even further, almost 2 hours away.

I would recommend, if your budget allows, to just stay in a hostel. Pick a shared room (4-8 bunks) and you'll end up paying less than $30CDN a night.

Keep in mind it's the long weekend, so many travellers like yourself might have already reserved space at the hostels. Call now and see.

If you have free accommodation at those cities you listed, I would pick either Oshawa or Pickering because of the GO Train. It's an easy connection into town that's simple, and anyone at the station will be able to answer any questions.

Having a car may be a pain though, Toronto isn't known for it's efficient roadways, and you may spend a lot of time waiting in traffic if you get caught in the long weekend rush in/rush out. If you're only there to see the city, best to park somewhere and use transit. Make friends at a hostel, and go from there!

Have fun!

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see that it wasn't gonna be during the long weekend. In that case the hostels will be fine, but traffic will still be a concern

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Hi Funnygirl,

As raincity says, the places you list are outside of Toronto (I had to look up where Omemee was, it's outside of Peterborough). If you want to stay in those cities, and move around, you could do that. The GO Train (as raincity mentions) is pretty frequent between Pickering, Oshawa and downtown Toronto.

Keswick is serviced by the GO bus service - you would catch that in New Market and head north. New Market is on the Bradford GO train line, which unfortunately doesn't run all that often to downtown Toronto:

If you want to stay in downtown Toronto, you could do that and take the train out (or have your friends take the train in) to see you.

The best hostels that I know of are Global Village Backpackers, College Hostel and Canadiana Backpackers Inn. The Kensington Castle got high marks, and it looks like they are running the Clarence Castle now. As you are coming in the summer, you can also get a room at University of Toronto New College Residences, which is residences in the fall and winter, but available for rent in the summer. Information on all these hostels can be found on the accomodations tab of this site.

Best of luck on your trip.

4. Posted by funnygirl (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Neill-Wycik Summer Hostel in Toronto, Canada, North America

What about this place, is it in a good location in the city....

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5. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

It's at Gerrard street and Church street. It's not a bad area. You are very close to the subway (between the College Street and Dundas Street stops). It's right on the northern edge of Ryerson University and the southern edge of the gay village (the prime gay meeting place in Toronto, but very straight friendly and with lots of good bars and restaurants).

I don't know much about the building or the hostel, but the area is fine. It used to be a little rougher, and you still may see the occasionally prostitute or druggie in the area (especially in the Allan Gardens, just east of there at night), but during the day you'll have no problems, and assuming at night that you keep to west of the building, and don't head east, you'll see nothing too scary.