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Hi all,

This is the first time I would be visiting europe for my 2nd honeymoon. Last year we were in hawaii and its an amazing place.
I have 10 days. I want to go to places very romantic and exotic.
I was thinking austia, swiss or maybe italy, swiss or rome,amalfi and swiss. But sometime I feel that the hype is too much than the place itself.
any honest suggestions.....


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If you're thinking about Italy, don't forget Venice!

If you're coming in summer, I would recommend for
one option the Scandinavian countries (Finland, Sweden,
Norway). Beautiful nature, friendly people and
magical summer nights when the sun does not set
at all...

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OK the obvious romantic answer would be Paris. The city is soooo beautiful! You could just stay there for 10 days ;)

But If you want a little travelling, why not go to the south of France and then travel to Italy? You could stay in Nice and do a day trip to Monaco to see the Casino. Then check out Cannes and travel to Italy and explore the five quite beach towns known as Cinque Terre. Then definitely go to either Florence or Venice, because they are both beautiful cities with magnificent Architecture. If you go to Florence you could even stop for a couple of hours to go to Pisa (it's in between Cinque Terre and Florence) and see the leaning tower.

So I guess I'd say stay in Nice, Cinque Terre and Venice or Florence. They are all beautiful, romantic places.

Katie ;)