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I'm looking for work and accommodation in BC. I'm probably going to base myself in Vancouver, but I'm open to suggestions! Can anyone recommend any good places to find accommodation? I've heard universities are good, what are the conditions?
Also I've got to find a way of getting from Vancouver to Pittsburgh, as cheaply as possible! I'll be leaving for Pittsburgh late August and I need to be there before the 3rd of September.

Thanks for any advice!


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Hey there James :)

Now I hope I can be of a little help to you. I have never been to Vancouver myself, but being Canadian, I have lots of friends who have, so I'll give you the info on what they said. They said if you're going tostay in a hostel, the Hosteling International ones are the best deal. They have a good price as well as good, clean lodging. I checked on a hostel search engine (here's the link for all Vancouver hostels: ), and the Vancouver Central HI is only 8.50 pounds/night for HI members (you can obtain a card through your school travel place, if you have one, or a local travel agency).

Now as for a job, I don't know if you have a dual citizenship or not, but a legit way to get a job (or lengthier accomodation), is to check out the classifieds of a local paper online. Here are a few:

Vancouver Sun

Vancouver Province

Vancouver Courier

Now for travel, if you're a student, ask for student rates because you can get crazy deals! You can travel by train with Amtrak (it will take you about 2 days with layovers) and if you're a student it would cost you $132 US (73 pounds) You can check out times and stuff at I checked so see if there are any good flight deals, but the cheapest I got was $570 CDN (230 pounds). Greyhound bus lines have some good deals, but there are all sorts of things you have to enter in, and the day determines the price, as well as if you pay in advance, so I suggest checking them out ( because you might get the cheapest deal there.

So I hope I helped ya a little to get on your way. Let me know if you can find better deals anywhere else!

Katie ;)

PS: A great currency converter online is in case you need to covert the fares. :)

3. Posted by JamesB (Budding Member 3 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hey Katie,

Thanks for your post there's a lot of usful information there. The websites you posted for work are going to be my main source i think!! I (almost!) have a working visa through BUNAC so all work will be legit. As for travel I think to train is going to be the best option for me, I spent 20 hrs in a coach once and nearly went mad!