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I have a friend who travelled a few years ago and met people with a Working Holiday Visa in Australia who were over 30. Does anyone know anyone who has a WHM Visa who is over 30 through some sort of dispensation? If so can you let me know how they did it? i am wanting to travel to Oz in January but am struggling to get a visa for the trip.

Any advice would be great

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You can request a WHV until the day before you turn 31, and then have a year to travel to the country, so technically people could be working on a WHV right up to their 33rd birthday.

If that isn't applicable here, I'm not aware of any dispensation schemes or similar, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't exist.

If you don't have the need to work, what you could do is get a six month tourist visa, hop over to New Zealand for a week (or longer! New Zealand is a truly gorgeous country), and then go back to Australia for a few more months on a new tourist visa.

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Not that I'm aware of for Australia. For New Zealand, however, there is a 1 year working holiday visa for 18-35 year olds (UK only) available only through BUNAC. This is in addition to the standard working holiday visa for New Zealand (18-30 yr olds) that you can get independently.

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Go to
This is correct and up to date. 18-30 appears to be the cut off, however if you have tertiary qualifications and skills that are in demand, then the visa sub class is different and the age restriction is lifted. Don't try and bullshit immigration if you come here on a 6 or 12 month holiday (non working) visa as they will kick you out the same day you fly in.

More info about work options here: you can also work if you are here on a student visa (limited hours)

feel free to ask more questions if you have any - DIMA was my former employer.