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Hi! Visiting a friend in Tawian now in July.. She will be working a lot so I'm on my own most of the time. Does anyone have any must see or do?! I've heard that the drive down the east coast is amasing? Have about 10 days and will be living in Taipei.
Also if anybody know if it's possible to cross from Thailand to Burma (Myanmar) true Mae Sai for more than a day trip I'd appreciate it
Have fun and safe travels

Need any pointers on CA or Norway? I'll be happy to help?

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Depends on what you like, Taiwan has a lot to offer. Taipei is a big city that never sleeps... early traditional taiwanese breakfast, sight seeing during the day, chinese tea in the afternoon up in yang-ming mountain, several famous night market after dark, pub and karaoke afterwards and late-night traditioanl taiwanese snack at 3am. Cruise at the north-eastern part of Taiwan and visit the famous rocks along the coast line; check out the pottery town (ying-ge) about 50-60km south of taipei; pay a visit to the Grand Hotel and the national palace museum in Taipei. Taiwan is mountainous. If you like hiking, ask your friends to show you how to take the bus to this place: http://tps.forest.gov.tw/ (don't know if there's an english version) The eastern part of Taiwan is worth a visit. http://taiwan.net.tw/lan/Cht/attractions/city_introduce.asp?city_code=10015; http://taiwan.net.tw/lan/Cht/attractions/city_introduce.asp?city_code=10014; expect to spend 3-4 days minumim at eastern part of taiwan if you plan to go. I hope your friend speaks Mandarin and in case she's not able to accompany you to these places, make sure she writes you the directions in Chinese so you will find your way.

Let me know if you need any help.

And maybe post other questions of yours in different threads so that you get response from the right people.

Good luck.

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I'm sorry I couldn't find an english version. But what amasing pic's. Starting to get pretty impatient about going.
Thank you for all the info, Chia