Where can a bunch of cousins get together?

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Hi everyone!

Last May, I visited London with my family, and met some new cousins I had only heard of. We got along great and decided that we would love to go on a trip together, inviting all the cousins we know and have yet to meet. We want to go somewhere original, and exotic. Madagascar was the first suggestion but the airplane ticket was really expensive. Also, I'm not sure what there is to do in a place like Madagascar.

The dilemma we have is that the cousins are separated on three different continents: North America (Canada, and USA), Europe (England), and Africa (Ethiopia). We want to find someplace that is somewhat equal distance from all.... (the Atlantic Ocean perhaps? ;) ) and that won't burn a whole in our pockets. My sis and I thought of Belize, but that could be unfair for the others. So here we are in a bind.... not too sure of where to go... Can anyone suggest a place that is hot, beautiful, and fun (party-wise)?

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Maybe the Canary Islands? I have a friend that married a Spanish Lady and moved out there a few years back and absolutely loves it... Might be worth looking into.

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I was racking my brains for you to find a good place between here and your cousins, but then I realised something! Why not think outside the box? Australia? It's further than somewhere in the Atlantic, but it is more or less equidistant - just the other way. Either that or Iceland, lol

Katie ;)