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Heya guys! I was inspired by the “Things to do in NYC” post, so here is my version!

Things to do in Montreal:

- The Old Port: This is the Montreal that you usually see in movies (like the Whole Nine Yards). It has cobblestone streets and beautiful architecture that really makes it live up to it’s reputation as North America’s Paris. There are so many things to do here I don’t know where to begin! You can have a picnic on one of the grassy areas, or rent a bicycle or rollerblades and just enjoy the fresh air! There are a lot of little shops and restaurants to visit, as well as tiny art galleries that you could just pop into. There are street musicians, as well as artists and other little kiosks on every corner (you can find some really nice jewellery there!). You can catch a 3-D movie on IMAX, or check out the Science Centre. For the young, and young at heart, there is the S.S. Labyrinthe, an indoor maze that takes about an hour and a half to complete for the swift ones (sometimes you can be in there for a while ;) ). There’s also the Marche Bonsecours that has different exhibits, Notre-Dame (a copy of the one in France) and the city hall. And that’s just the beginning, tee hee. (the outdoor stuff is for the summer, obviously J)

- LaRonde: A theme park that just was bought by Six Flags. It’s got the usual stuff, rollercoasters, ferris wheel, outrageous expensive food. Tons of Fun tho (open from May until October).

- Sports, sports, sports!: No matter what time of year, or what sport you like, you’ll find it here! The hockey capital of Canada (the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens have won 24 Stanley Cups, the most of any team in the League), and the home of baseball’s Expos (for those in NA, the speculation of the prospect of the team moving has been in the news for years). Also, check out the Impact (soccer) and Allouettes (football).

- Biodome and Olympic Parc: A little off from the centre of the city, but well worth it (it’s attached to the Olympic Stadium, or Big O, so you can catch an Expos game if they’re playing). Biodome has all sorts of animals from all over the world, and the Olympic parc offers both French and English tours of the site of the 76 Summer Olympics.

- Botanical Gardens: Located across the street from the Big O. For those who love the outdoors, plants or gardening, this is a great spot. It has a variety of vegetation from all over the world; must-sees are the Asian Garden and the Green House (has tons of exotic plants). The Green House is open all year round, but the rest is in the summer months.

- Shopping: Montreal is one of the greatest shopping cities in the world. Check out St. Catherine Street for some great stores and malls (home of the underground city – a series of tunnels connecting many retail areas) and got to St. Laurent and St. Denis Streets for the uber-trendy shops. The suburbs have some great outlets, so ask around to get directions ;) There are also lots of great shops (including great thrift stores) on Mont Royal St.

- Nightlife: If you do anything while in Montreal, you have to go out for a night on the town. If you’re into the chic thing, check out St, Laurent street (great cafes, lounges and clubs). If not, check out some of the bars on Cresent street. Sir Winstons is always a popular one, or go one street over to McKibbin’s Irish Pub. Peel Pub, on the corner of St. Catherine and Peel St is always a popular hangout. For those with a little extra cash to spend, there’s always the Casino de Montreal.

- Festivals: Montreal is a city of festivals, so if you’re here in the summer, you should check them out. There’s the Just for the Laughs Festival, the Jazz Festival, and so much more! Lots of them have free, outdoor shows (nothing beats a night of free jazz music under the stars in the summertime) that are worth checking out.

- Culture: You can always check out a play or show at one of Montreal’s many theatres. Place des arts and the Centar are great for plays, and Club Soda and Metropolis always have great bands coming in.

lol, ok well that's it. I spent a while doing this when I could have done some work on an article, oh well! Hope this helps any would-be travellers!

Katie ;)

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Hey Katie, This helps a lot, Im going to check out the bars and clubs that you mentioned while I'm there, I also hope I'll get a chance to go to the Biodome, sounds fun
Thanks again.


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Hey Tim!

Some other good bars would be Hurley's and Brutopia (both on Cresent). Some other good clubs would be...Go-Go Lounge, Buddha Bar (on St. Laurent); 1234 (pronouced twelve-thirtyfour) on Montagne Street; La Boom on Cresent.

Someone asked me once for some cheap restaurant suggestions I'll leave them here for you as well....

To go/very casual:

  • Best Shish Taouk in the city: Boustan, corner of Cresent and de Maisonneuve
  • Chinese: Soup and Noodles, St Catherine, corner St. Marc
  • Greek: I can't remember the names, but there are three Greek places on Prince Arthur just off of St, Laurent that are yummy!
  • Chicken: Cote St. Luc BBQ, Cote St. Luc road, west of Decarie (a little out of the way, but well worth it! Best chicken in the city!)
  • Pizza: 99 cent pizza places all up St. Laurent St....not really the nest quality, but it's super cheap and statisfies any hunger you have! A staple after clubbing in Montreal...they're usually packed at 3 am!
  • SmokedMeat/Pickles: Schwartz's Deli, 3895 St. Laurent, past Pin Ave....a Montreal tradition.

Normal Restos:

  • Greek Food: Arahova Souvlaki, Cresent Street, between St Catherine and de Maisonneuve.
  • Mexican: Three Amigos, St Catherine, between St Mattieu and Guy
  • Italian: Boccachinos, McGill, just below St. Catherine; Winstien and Gavino, Cresent, between St. Catherine and de Masionneuve
  • All-around: Shed Café, St. Laurent north of Sherbrooke...yuo get pumping music and a varied menu; Academie, St. Denis north of Sherbrooke....culinary students cook for you, great vegetarian selection.

A little pricey/break the bank:

  • Buona Notte: So hip it'll be uncool soon. For a full-course meal it could get verrrry pricey....St. Laurent, north of Sherbrooke.
  • Med: see above...same area on St. Laurent.
  • Time Super Club: Turns into a club at 11pm/midnight. St. Jacques, corner Guy.
  • Gibby's: Very famous steak house that lots of tourist have to eat at....I don't see the hype, but I figured I'd add it. 298 Place d’Youville, Old Montreal.

Hope this helps!

Katie ;)

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I ate at a place called La Gazelle at 201 Rue Rachel Est (Rachel and St. Laurent). It's Algerian food. Lots of Couscous. TONS of couscous, veggies and meat with each plate. Mains are about $20 - $30 dollars. Myself and my party (6 people) had appetizers, mains and 3 bottles of wine for around $300, which comes out to about $50 a person.


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