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Hi all,

Within a couple of months I aim to set off away from the rat race and to leave much emotional baggage behind me, I have had many losses in the past few years and I want to travel to 'find myself' as it were because i've been stuck right in the rat race from the age of 20 when I took on the house I live in as inhertiance and was kinda thrown in the 'deep end' from the tender age of 20 and havn't been away since.
I am going through a rough time at the moment with my girl friend also, not due to the fact I want to travel but generally having problems in the relationship and she was up for coming to begin with but recently she seems reluctant to want to come with me so i'm having to do it alone.
Reading through the forums I have learnt that it's the best way to travel, as you don't have to make comprimises and it's easier to meet new intersting people.
But i'm starting to worry about going alone, as i've read many other people have been in the same situation and have been re-assured that it will be great but i just cant seem to shift this paranoia about going alone.
I want more than anyting to meet new, decent people because all the friends I have had in this country have turned out to be back-stabbers, 'too busy' to see me and not one of them has the open mind and enthusiasm to explore like i do.
My worry is, because i'm quite a quiet person you could say - i'm not the sort the suddenly start up a convosation with a stranger therfore I worry that my lack of social skills will stop me from meeting people to share experiances and be friends with.
If anyone can tell me stories about what great people they met and how I would love to read through it, as i've said I have read plenty on the fact it's good to go alone but havn't read actual stories of the experiances they had so if anyone would like to reassure me by telling what great times they had with people they never met before then fire away...

Thanks in advance,


2. Posted by baluba (Respected Member 407 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi Marcus,
Sounds like you have been through the mill a bit.
I can reassure you that, especially in your position, that travelling alone is probably the best way. I too was incredibly nervous the first time I travelled alone. Terrified in fact as I too am quite a shy person and not one to start up a conversation with others. However, when you are alone you tend to pluck up the courage to talk to people, even if just to ask directions. You will be amazed at how friendly other travellers are and may be just as shy as you! When you travel with a partner, you are less likely to meet other people and tend to stick with each other.
I remember well turning up in Moscow, so very alone! I stayed in a youth hostel there and took to sitting at a table where people would gather to write cards etc. Within a few days I found myself with constant companions. Various people wanting to do various things and we would visit places together. Before long there was a whole group of us having major vodka and chocolate parties!! Some of us then split off to go to St Petersburg and from there the group got smaller till I was alone again, but it felt good as I then felt so much more confident. If the truth be known there was even a little affair with a german guy..but thats another story!!!
Just go for it Marcus, you will have a ball!! Leave all the rubbish behind and go and meet some 'real' people!! Whats the worst that can happen?

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I'm not a particularly social person either, but it really is impossible it seems to go travelling staying in hostels and not meet people. The first time I went on a trip by myself I was pretty nervous about it but even on the train there I got started talking to the guy sitting next to me and it just went on from there. I was travelling for about 3 and a half weeks that year and I met someone to go out with pretty much every night. When you're sharing the same living space with someone it's not really an option to be quiet and if you don't start a conversation with the other people there then they will with you. You can also take comfort from the fact that everyone you meet by in large will be in the same position as you and be anxious to make friends with someone because they don't know anyone in the city they're in either. You come into contact with so many people that you're bound to meet someone you share interests with, I meet some really amazing people that year that I still have contact with and one of them has even been over to visit.

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I'm a pretty shy person too, but travelling alone tends to give you the courage to talk to other people - sometimes just because you haven't said more than 2 words to anyone for a few hours! My first trip alone was to Paris for two weeks, and I had some great conversations with complete strangers every day. I even met my b/f while I was there! You'll see - travelling alone will bring out something special in you. Good luck!